united kingdom Harland and Wolff

Belfast, County Down, Northern Ireland

United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Harland and Wolff with nearby locations

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1.1355GBBEL Belfast Harbour, Northern Ireland
2.2057EGAC Belfast City / Sydenham, Northern Ireland
2.7272 Crumlin Road Gaol, Northern Ireland
3.9246 Royal Victoria Hospital, Northern Ireland
6.7229 Musgrave Park Hospital, Northern Ireland
7.6272 Divis, Northern Ireland

1853 to 2019

54° 36' 29.3'' N - 5° 54' 1.24'' W

History of this Location

Established in 1853 Harland and Wolff produced 174 warships (excluding auxiliaries) for the Royal Navy between 1868 and 1969. It possesses one of the few UK dry docks capable of holding the QE class carriers. It went into receivership early in Aug 2019. [With thanks to @NavyLookout]

The former shipyard was bought by energy infrastructure company InfraStrata in a GBP 6 Million deal during Oct 2019. The InfraStrata acquisition will allow substantial savings to be made by bringing much of the fabrication internally for its Islandmagee gas storage work in County Antrim. Its ultimate fate once the gas storage programme has completed is unclear.

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List of ships built at Harland and Wolff

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-Aircraft Carrier Majestic class
1944Aircraft Carrier Nairana class
1945Aircraft Carrier Colossus class
1951Aircraft Carrier Audacious class
1953Aircraft Carrier Centaur class
1954Aircraft Carrier Modified Centaur class
1955Support Ship Early Tide class
1961Frigate Type 12 Rothesay class
1963Guided-Missile Destroyer County class
1963Frigate Ikara Leander class
1965Landing Ship/Platform Dock Fearless class
1966Frigatenew zealand Leander class
1967Support Ship Regent class
1969Frigate Seawolf Leander class
1994Support Ship Fort II class (1992)
2004Support Ship Point class

1943-jun-17UK D48 HMS Campania Nairana class
1943-nov-27UK R62 HMS Glory Colossus class
1944-may-20CA R31 HMCS Warrior Colossus class
1944-nov-16UK HMS Magnificent Majestic class
1945-feb-27UK HMS Powerful Majestic class
1946-mar-19UK R05 HMS Eagle Audacious class
1947-apr-22UK R06 HMS Centaur Centaur class
1948-jun-22UK R08 HMS Bulwark Modified Centaur class
1954-sep-1UK A95 RFA Tide Austral Early Tide class
1959-dec-15UK F115 HMS Berwick Type 12 Rothesay class
1961-jun-6UK F109 HMS Leander Ikara Leander class
1961-sep-27UK D12 HMS Kent County class
1963-dec-19UK L10 HMS Fearless Fearless class
1966-feb-18NZ F55 HMNZS Waikato Leander class
1966-mar-9UK A486 RFA Regent Regent class
1968-feb-28UK F75 HMS Charybdis Seawolf Leander class
1990-jun-12UK A387 RFA Fort Victoria Fort II class (1992)
2002-aug-1UK mv Anvil Point Point class
2002-sep-6UK mv Hartland Point Point class

List of aircraft and events at Harland and Wolff

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1944-may-20 CA Canadian Armed ForcesColossus classR31 HMCS Warrior
1955 Royal NavyColossus classR51 HMS Perseus
1967-dec RefitRoyal NavyEndurance (1967)A171 HMS Endurance
1984-mar 1988-mar-03 BelfastRoyal Fleet AuxiliaryArgus classA135 RFA Argus

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