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On 1 Oct 1941, His Majesty King George VI approved the designation Royal New Zealand Navy.
During Sep 2016, the RNZN celebrated 50 years of naval helicopter operations.


Canadians Ends Relief Operation in New Zealand, 21-Nov-16 : Canadian frigate HMCS Vancouver with its Sea King helicopter originally in New Zealand for the 75th RNZN Anniversary completed emergency relief operations in affected area hit by the earthquake

NH90s Bring Supplies to Kaikoura After Earthquake, 15-Nov-16 : Eight aircraft along HMNZS Canterbury (L421) and HMNZS Wellington (P55) ships deliver vital supplies of immediate aid and evacuate stranded tourists and residents

Royal New Zealand Navy 75th Celebrations, 18-Oct-16 : At least 15 countries will participate in the International Naval Review next month in Auckland to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN)

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Model Types

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  Kaman seasprite 191997
  Westland wasp1719661998

List of Aircraft

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SH-2F 191 1983NZ3441 : ex BuNo 161641
: Delivered in Nov 1997, it was introduced to RNZN service on 27 Fe ...
SH-2F 236 NZ3442 : RNZAF, BuNo 162585; preserved RNZAF Museum
: In storage at RNZAF Museum, Wigram by 2002
: 09nov16 pictured at RNZAF Museum, Wigram in storage on a temporar ...
UH-2B 121 NZ3443 : RNZN, SH-2F type, ex BuNo 150171
UH-2B 104 NZ3444 : RNZN, SH-2F type, ex BuNo 150154. prob spares
SH-2G NZ01 NZ3601 : SH-2G(NZ) K-894 type d/d aug01
SH-2G NZ02 NZ3602 : SH-2G(NZ) K-894 type d/d Jan03 as NZ3452
: fired first Maverick missile from a SH-2G at a floating target in ...
SH-2G NZ03 NZ3603 : SH-2G(NZ) K-894 type d/d Dec01 as NZ3453
SH-2G NZ04 NZ3604 : SH-2G(NZ) K-894 type d/d Aug01 as NZ3454
: 13jul12 pictured (bot) during RIMPAC 2012 at Pearl Harbor
SH-2G NZ05 NZ3605 : SH-2G(NZ) K-894 type d/d Jan03 as NZ3455
: 27may08 pictured taking off from HMNZS Te-Mana (F 111) during Ope ...
SH-2G 246 NZ3611 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
: 6 Sq RNZAF, at Wellington on 20 Nov 2016 during Earthquake relief ...
UH-2B 106 NZ3612 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
SH-2F 224 NZ3613 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
: Sep16 as 6 Sq/13 aboard HMNZS Otago first Live deployment on Pro ...
: Sep16 pictured on resupply mission of Kermadec Islands
SH-2F 206 NZ3614 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
UH-2B 189 NZ3615 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
UH-2B 166 NZ3616 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
SH-2F 225 NZ3617 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
UH-2B 110 NZ3618 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
UH-2B 147 NZ3619 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
UH-2A 75 NZ3620 : SH-2G(I) type; Nov15 RNZAF 6Sqn
wasp f.9678 1966NZ3901 : Delivered to Whenuapai Oct 1966. Undercarriage damaged in heavy l ...
wasp f.9679 1966NZ3902 : Delivered to HMNZS Waikato at Portland in Dec 1966 and operated a ...
: Displayed in RNZN museum at Torpedo Bay, Auckland.
: Nov 2016: Mid term storage in immaculate condition at RNZN Ngatar ...
wasp f.9757 1971NZ3903 : Delivered Nov 1971. Arrived on HMNZS Canterbury Jun 1972 as 3 Sqd ...
wasp f.9587 1964NZ3904 : ex UK XT417. On loan to RNZN May 1974 to Aug 1975 as replacement ...
wasp f.9669 1966NZ3905 : To RNZN Sep 1982 as airfreight. Retired 1997, sold to Westlands.
wasp f.9570 1964NZ3906 : Ex RN XS543. To RNZN - left Portsmouth aboard HMNZS Wellington Oc ...
: Presented to RNZAF museum at Ohakea by Westland in 1998 until May ...
: Stored in No 3 hangar at Wigram (wsw of Christchurch), when Ohake ...
: 09nov16 pictured in 3 Sq markings at RNZAF Museum, Wigram, in sto ...
wasp f.9605 1965NZ3907 : Delivered to RN as XT435 Oct 1965. To RNZN 1983. Crashed after en ...
: 24apr97 pictured asg to HMNZS Canterbury landing on HMS Beaver
wasp f.9663 1966NZ3908 : Royal New Zealand Navy 1983, ex XT781 from Royal Navy; Retired ...
wasp f.9664 1966NZ3909 : Delivered to RN as XT782 in 1966. To RNZN Oct 1989 as spares sour ...
wasp f.9544 1963XS528 : To RNZN 1985 for spares.
wasp f.9559 1963XS532 : To RNZN 1985 for spares at Silverdale, New Zealand. Noted in hang ...
wasp f.9563 1963XS536 : To RNZN 28 Sep 1983 for spares.
wasp f.9577 1964XS566 : To RNZN 20 Oct 1989 for spares to support RNZN Wasp fleet. Preser ...
wasp f.9585 1964XT415 : To RNZN for spares.
wasp f.9598 1965XT428 : To RNZN for spare parts to support remainder of Wasp fleet 1985/6 ...
wasp f.9602 1965XT432 : To RNZN for spares 20 Oct 1989.
wasp f.9729 1968XV634 : d/d 1989 to RNZN for spares.

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