malaysia Konfrontasi

North Borneo, Sarawak, Brunei and Sabah

08-dec-62    to    11-aug-66

Although the seeds of the conflict (it was never acknowledged as a war) were sown in WWII and followed from Operation Firedog, violence erupted when Indonesian backed forces attacked Brunei Town early in the morning of 8 Dec 1962, in an attempt to derail the formation of the Federation of Malaysia. The first helicopters to arrive were 2 Sycamore from 110 Squadron on 24 Dec 1962 at Seletar. Operations to contain, disrupt and remove terrorist activities continued until the signing of the Bangkok Agreement in Aug 1966. Known as Operation Ale by the British.

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DatesRotary Wing Aircraft UnitModels
    dec62 to - UK 66 squadron Royal Air Force Belvedere
    dec62 to 11aug66 UK 110 squadron Royal Air Force sycamore
    08dec62 to 11aug66 UK 656 squadron Army Air Corps
    08dec62 to 11aug66 UK 814 squadron Fleet Air Arm wessex
    14dec62 to - UK 845 squadron Fleet Air Arm UH-12E Raven
    14dec62 to - UK 846 squadron Fleet Air Arm whirlwind
    jul63 to sep63 UK 815 squadron Fleet Air Arm wessex
    01aug63 to 11aug66 UK 103 squadron Royal Air Force whirlwind
    15nov63 to 01nov65 UK 225 squadron Royal Air Force whirlwind
    aug64 to nov64 UK 815 squadron Fleet Air Arm wessex
    08mar65 to 11aug66 UK 230 squadron Royal Air Force whirlwind
    apr65 to aug66 UK 848 squadron Fleet Air Arm whirlwind
    may65 to jul65 UK 815 squadron Fleet Air Arm wessex
Not all models shown may have taken part in the Operation
Some of the units could be operating fixed wing aircraft at the time, check every unit for details

Individual helicopters

Model IDs
Westland Wessex HAS.1 XP107     XP154     XS151     XS154    
Westland Wessex HU.5 XS497    
Westland Whirlwind HAR.10 XP357     XR480    

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Aircraft Carrier  Majestic class   Royal Australian Navy R21 HMAS Melbourne,
Aircraft Carrier  Modified Centaur class   Royal Navy R07 HMS Albion, Royal Navy R08 HMS Bulwark,
Aircraft Carrier  Improved Centaur class   Royal Navy R12 HMS Hermes,
Aircraft Carrier  Audacious class   Royal Navy R09 HMS Ark Royal,
Guided-Missile Destroyer  County class   Royal Navy D12 HMS Kent,
Frigate  Type 12 Rothesay class   Royal New Zealand Navy F111 HMNZS Otago,
Support Ship  Triumph class   Royal Navy A108 HMS Triumph,

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