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  • portugal Estaleiros Navais de Viana do Castelo

    Viana do Castelo, Viana do Castelo


    Satellite and aerial maps of ENVC Shipyard with nearby locations

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    1.3039LPVC Viana do Castelo Hospital, Viana do Castelo
    35.0108LPBR Braga, Braga
    36.6064 Arcos de Valdevez, Braga
    39.1109LPBH Braga Hospital, Braga
    50.8164LPPR Francisco Sá Carneiro, Porto
    53.0149LPVL Vilar da Luz, Porto

    1944 to present

    41° 41' 19'' N - 8° 50' 30'' W

    History of this Location

    The NRP Figueira da Foz was the last ship to be built at ENVC before it went into a major financial restructuring and change of ownership in 2014, to re-emerge as West Sea Shipyard.

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    List of ships built at ENVC Shipyard

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    1965-apr-26PT F474 NRP Almirante Magalhaes Correia Pereira da Silva class
    2005-octPT P361 NRP Figueira da Foz Viana do Castelo class
    2005-oct-1PT P360 NRP Viana do Castelo Viana do Castelo class

    List of aircraft and events at ENVC Shipyard

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    2014-oct-19 AccidentMarinha Portuguesa Viana do Castelo class P361 NRP Figueira da Foz

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