Robb Caledon (Leith)

Edinburgh , Lothian , Scotland

united kingdom United Kingdom

Satellite and aerial maps of Robb Caledon (Leith) with nearby locations

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Nearby locationsKmBearing
Leith Docks , Scotland 0.3316GBLEI
Edinburgh RI , Scotland 6.9158
RIE and RHCYP/DCN , Scotland 7.2160RIE
Redford Barracks , Scotland 8.7207
Edinburgh , Scotland 12.1252EGPH
Donibristle , Scotland 12.6301

  Robb Caledon (Leith)

1918 to present

55° 58' 55.19'' N     3° 10' 36.05'' W
Leith, Edinburgh, Lothian, Scotland
Elevation: 8 feet

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List of ships built at Robb Caledon (Leith)

1967Helicopter Carrier Engadine class
1974Support Ship Hecla class
1982Support Ship Patricia class

1966-sep-16UK K08 RFA Engadine Engadine class
1973-oct-4UK A138 HMS Herald Hecla class
1982UK THV Patricia Patricia class

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