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Trinity House is the General Lighthouse Authority for the waters around England and Wales, the Scillies, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. It was incorporated by Royal Charter by King Henry VIII in 1514.

Trinity House began a programme of automation of its Lights in the late 1960s and began helicopter operations around 1971, with some of the more remote Lights having helicopter platforms built atop the towers. It has small fleet of Lighthouse Tenders which support helicopter operations from their decks.

In Oct 2014, a 7 year shared services agreement was concluded between Trinity House, the Northern Lighthouse Board and the Commissioners of Irish Lights (contracting as the General Lighthouse Authorities of the United Kingdom and Ireland) and PDG Helicopters, to commence in Dec 2015.


PDG Helicopters Signs for H135, 07-Oct-15 : Helitech 2015 PDG Helicopters has received its new H135 at Helitech 2015. The 17th Airbus Helicopters aircraft in the PDG fleet, will support service contract with the General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs).

General Lighthouse Authorities with PDG Helicopters, 02-Oct-14 : The General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs) of the UK and Ireland have announced a £13M seven-year contract to PDG Helicopters for the provision of helicopter services to cover all three Authorities.

Specialist Aviation Goes Offshore, 21-Sep-09 : UK based operator and support organisation Specialist Aviation Services has announced the award of its new multi-year lighthouse maintenance contract with Trinity House.

List of Helicopter Operators

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Rotary Wing Aircraft UnitCreatedDisband
    Lighthouse Operations? --

Bases and Locations

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Base / HeliportUnits on this Location
   Bishop RockLighthouse Operations
   CasquetsLighthouse Operations
   EddystoneLighthouse Operations 1982/   
   Les HanoisLighthouse Operations 1979/   
   LongshipsLighthouse Operations
   Nab TowerLighthouse Operations 1984/   
   NeedlesLighthouse Operations 1987/   
   Round IslandLighthouse Operations
   Royal SovereignLighthouse Operations 1971/   
   SmallsLighthouse Operations 1978/   
   South BishopLighthouse Operations 1971/   
   Wolf RockLighthouse Operations 1977/   

Model Types

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  Mc.D.D MD900 Explorer2011
  MBB Bo10519712010

List of Aircraft

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MD902 Explorer 900/00085 2001G-COTH : Trinity House from 05jan11, op by SAS
: Trinity House Lighthouse Service; pictured (pic1) at Castle Air, ...
Bo105C 0080 1973G-THLS : Trinity House, op by Bond Air Services; 21jul02 pictured during ...
: Trinity House, by Bond Air Services; w/o 16sep04 ditched into s ...
: LS slipped off the back of the Trinity House Vessel Patricia in p ...

2 Construction Numbers in this organisation found

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