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  • china Jiangnan Shipyard

    Shanghai, Shanghai


    Satellite and aerial maps of CSSC Jiangnan with nearby locations

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    12.3041 CSSC Hudong Zhonghua, Shanghai
    14.0270ZSSS Hongqiao, Shanghai
    124.1317 Jiangsu Rongsheng HIG, Jiangsu
    152.2180ZSNB Lishe Intl, Zhejiang
    167.5159CNZOS COSCO Zhoushan, Zhejiang
    212.3041 East China Sea,

    1865 to present

    31° 11' 45'' N - 121° 29' 0'' E

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    List of ships built at CSSC Jiangnan

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    1986Destroyer Type 679 (Daxin) class training ship
    2005Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 052C class
    2009Oil Tanker VLCC Tanker
    2014Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 052D
    2020Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 052DL class (stretched)

    1986-jul-12CN AX-81 PLANS Zheng He Type 679 (Daxin) class training ship
    2003-apr-29CN 170 PLANS Lanzhou Type 052C class
    2003-oct-30CN 171 PLANS Haikou Type 052C class
    2009MH Advantage Value VLCC Tanker
    2010-oct-28CN 150 PLANS Changchun Type 052C class
    2011-jul-20CN 151 PLANS Zhengzhou Type 052C class
    2012-janCN 152 PLANS Jinan Type 052C class
    2012-aug-29CN 172 PLANS Kunming Type 052D
    2012-dec-19CN 173 PLANS Changsha Type 052D
    2013-jul-1CN 174 PLANS Hefei Type 052D
    2014-mar-28CN 175 PLANS Yinchuan Type 052D
    2014-aug-26CN 117 PLANS Xining Type 052D
    2014-dec-30CN 154 PLANS Xiamen Type 052D
    2015-feb-9CN 153 PLANS Xi'an Type 052C class
    2015-dec-28CN 155 PLANS Nanjing Type 052D
    2016-jul-28CN 131 PLANS Taiyuan Type 052D
    2018-jun-29CN 156 PLANS Zibo Type 052DL class (stretched)
    2018-jul-7CN 122 PLANS Tangshan Type 052DL class (stretched)
    2018-dec-19CN 132 PLANS Suzhou Type 052DL class (stretched)
    2019CN 161 PLANS Hohhot Type 052D
    2019-feb-23CN 162 PLANS Nanning Type 052DL class (stretched)
    2019-apr-15CN 123 PLANS Huainan Type 052DL class (stretched)
    2019-aug-28CN 133 PLANS Baotou Type 052DL class (stretched)
    2019-sep-26CN 164 PLANS Guilin Type 052DL class (stretched)
    2019-dec-28CN 163 PLANS Jiaozuo Type 052DL class (stretched)

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