Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2

SA365C2 Dauphin 2


powered by Arriel 1A2 engines

List of Operators of Aerospatiale SA365C2 Dauphin 2

From Organisation with model SA365C2 Dauphin 2

argentina Helicopteros Marinos
    SA365 Dauphin 2

Construction Numbers on database of SA365C2 Dauphin 2


Construction Numbers

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5032 1979 FR F-GBTB : Heli-Union Jun79-Jan88; BNP Bail SA at Puteaux
ES EC-EGV : Policia de Ertzaintza
5062 DE D-HOPQ : Polizei Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony Police), pictured
SI S5-HCK : Slovenia unk
5063 FR F-GCTL : Aerospatiale Nov80
FR F-ODNK : from Dec80
FR F-GFPA : Heli Unie from Dec87, conv to SA.365C3 type
CI : IAS Accra as 9G-?
5064 FR F-ODNJ : France, F-GCTM ntu, to F-GFPB
FR F-GFPB : Heli Union Jan98; wfu
5068 MY 9M-WYM : Hornbill Skyways 1980s
AU VH-HCF : NRMA CareFlight NSW, noted Sep90
FR F-GIYF : Heli Reunion Jun98-Apr06; to Philippines as unk
5072 FR F-OCCD : France unk May81-Dec87, test serial F-WTNY
FR F-GFCH : Dec87 for TU-THX
CI TU-THX : IAS Cote d Ivoire, ex Afrique Helicoptere
5073 DE D-HELY : Heli Union GmbH, to EC-DUT
ES EC-DUT : HelicSA, rtn D-HELY then LV-AXY
AR LV-AXY : Helicopteros Marinos, pictured over Jack-up oil rig off+
FR F-GEPN : Heli Union, conv to SA.365C3, to Ivory Coast, fate unk
7 C/N.