Sikorsky S-55 H-19



Commercial version with 800HP Wright R-1300-3 Cyclone engine.

List of Operators of Sikorsky S-55A

From Organisation with model S-55A
argentina Comando de Aviacion Naval Argentina
    S-55 H-19 12 1953/73
belgium SABENA
    S-55 H-19 11 1953/??
france Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre
    S-55 H-19 1956/71
Construction Numbers on database of S-55A


Construction Numbers

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55-1020 1956 US N409A : Sikorsky S-55A, c/n 55-1020, ff:01Oct56; reg Sikorsky a+
AR 0506 : ARA d/d 21nov60 as 2-H-15 ex N409A; 1964 as 4-H-15; wfu+
55-1272 1959 BE S-41 : Sikorsky S-55A c/n 55-1272, ff:?; ordered by SABENA for+
CD KAT-41 : Congo; ex N858, S-41
55-1276 1959 BE S-42 : Sikorsky S-55A c/n 55-1276, ff:?; ordered by SABENA for+
CD KAT-42 : Congo; ex N859, S-52
55-824 1954 FR 8 000 031 : Sikorsky S-55A, c/n 55-824, ff:?; del SNCASE 24Nov54; d+
FR AVA : xfer GH No2, AVA, 23Dec58; severely damaged in accident+
55-837 1954 FR 8 000 038 : Sikorsky S-55A, c/n 55-837, ff:?; del SNCASE 29Dec54; d+
FR AVB : asgd GH No2 as AVB, 30Aug55; damaged 30Aug55; wfu Mar56+
55-838 1955 FR 8 000 032 : Sikorsky S-55A, c/n 55-838, ff:?; del SNCASE 06Jan55; d+
FR AVC : xfer GH No2, AVC, 08Jun55; return from Algerie, Aug62.
FR AXF : xfer EA.ALAT as AXF, Nov64 - 18Mar66; codes removed, Ja+
6 C/N.

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