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Bell TH-13T Sioux

List of Operators of Bell TH-13T Sioux

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Construction Numbers

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3600 US 66-8100 : US Army
US N54SP : Georgia Dept of Public Safety, Georgia State Patrol (GS+
3628 US 66-8128 : US Army
US N48316 : Warbird Adventures Inc at Kissimmee, FL
AG Air Llc at Thomasville, PA Apr08-Feb13
Hammock Flying Service Inc at Walnut Ridge, AR from Jun+
3651 US 67-15932 : US Army
US N99631 : Hagatna, Guam 1999-May03
MX XB-IMR : Mexico
CR TI-BHA : at Bennington Airfield, Vermont in poor condition.
3677 US 67-15958 : US Army
US N14SD : Snohomish County Sheriffs Office May86- Apr93; w/o
3736 1968 US 67-17029 : US Army
US N122CD : Helicopter Applicators Apr87-Nov13, 47G-2A-1 type; N651+
3762 1968 US 67-17055 : US Army
US N87647 : to N125CD
US N125CD : Helicopter Applicators Feb90-Dec13, 47G-3B-1 type; expi+
3831 US 67-17124 : US Army
US N47039 : Polk County Sheriff Office (PCSO) Jul77-Mar91, 47G-3B-+
7 C/N.