Aerospatiale SA365 Dauphin 2

SA365C1 Dauphin 2


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List of Operators of Aerospatiale SA365C1 Dauphin 2

From Organisation with model SA365C1 Dauphin 2
hong kong Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
    SA365 Dauphin 2 3 1980/90
japan Fire and Disaster Management Agency
    SA365 Dauphin 2 1980/10

Construction Numbers on database of SA365C1 Dauphin 2


Construction Numbers

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5044 JP JA9557 : Nagoya City Fire Air Corps Feb81-Jul96; wfu
5046 JP JA9544 : Yokohama City Fire Department Feb80-Jul95; wfu
5057 1980 HK HKG-1 : Replaced Alouette III in RHKAAF service of the same ser+
5059 1980 HK HKG-2 : SA365C. Replaced Alouette III in RHKAAF service of the +
NO LN-OME : SA.365C1; loan from G-BSRN; to SE-JCJ
AU VH-NRL : ex SE-JCJ; Ambulance NSW Lifesaver, Lismore, Australia
- : 28feb12 stored in hangar in Manila, Philippines void of+
5060 1980 HK HKG-3 : SA365C. ex F-WMHF, replacing Alouette III in RHKAAF ser+
UK G-BSRO : Nash Group Ltd Aug/Dec 1990
AU VH-LSR : w/o 01feb93 at Blackheath, NSW
5 C/N.

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