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chile Fuerza Aerea de Chile
    47 3 1953/??

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620 1952 US N924B : Bell 47D-1; to Honduras
HN HR-FU-41 : Honduras, to N12086
US N12086 : Clemens Aircraft at Benton, KS
CA C-GFAQ : private at Mansfield, ON, Canada from Jul07; Jan15 stil+
630 CL H-01 : fach d/d 1953 Bell 47D-1
631 CL H-02 : fach d/d 1953 Bell 47D-1; preserved?
637 CL H-03 : fach d/d 1953 Bell 47D-1; preserved Los Cerrillos
27mar14 pictured preserved at Santiago during FIDAE 201+
646 FI OH-HIA : On display at Finnish Aviation Museum, at least 1987 - +
WH5007 1963 US N472DM : Bell-World Helicopters 47D1; conv to 47G-3; 16may09 pic+
- : Bell 47D1; 21may13 pictured at the Museum of Modern Art+
7 C/N.

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