Bell 47
france Aviation Légère de l'Armée de Terre

French Army Light Aviation

1952 to 1986

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1963/757 RHCNancy / Essey

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    1287 47g-1     1287: to ALAT as 1287; /BCG
    1302 47g-1     1302: At Dax 1980, awaiting conversion to civil. Registered as F-G+
    1303 47g-1     1303: built as 47G, to ALAT
    1313 47g-1     1313: built as 47G, to ALAT
    1314 47g-1     1314: ESALAT / BDM
    1315 47g-1     1315: to ALAT as 1315
    1316 47g-1     1316: 1979 to Etampes for civilianisation, ex ALAT 1316 / BDB; to +
French Air Force 1316: AdlA; to F-GCCK

- F-GCCK: 13sep08 pictured at La Ferte-Allais (Aeroport de Cerny)+
    1317 47g-1     1317: built as 47G, to ALAT
    1458 47g-2     1458: ALAT, to F-BVXD
PBHélicoptères F-BVXD: PBHélicoptères; 15apr13 pictured (top) at Royan. Duri+

26jul14 pictured (bot) with floats at Royan
    1633 47g-2 1956     1633: ALAT, ex N2852B
- N6764: USA, to EP-HAV

- EP-HAV: Iran, to G-BEUG

Bristow G-BEUG: Bristow May77-Feb82

- F-GANU: France, many owners Apr82-Apr10

- 5V-TWT: Togo Faune, Reserve de Djamde 2010-?

- OO-MBE: 12apr17 pictured at Beauvechain, Belgium during Heliday+
    709     709: built as 47G, to ALAT
    710     710: built as 47G, to ALAT
    722 47g-1     722: At Dax 1980, awaiting conversion to civil. Registered as F-B+

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