Sud Aviation SE.3200 Frelon


Design appeared in 1956 and first of two prototypes flew on 10 Jun 1959. It was ground breaking in that it used 3 engines geared through a single transmission but vibrations were to bedevil the programme. Development was terminated after disappointing performance and handling difficulties, to concentrate on the SE.3210 Super Frelon.

Derivatives & Versions

SE3210 Super Frelon 1962 Developed from the all French SE 3200 Frelon (Hornet), the SE 3210 Super Frelon benefitted from three Turmo IIIC engines (the 3200 had three Turm ...
Variants not built: SA.321A : Land based military transport SA.321B : Land based troop transport SA.321C : Land based civil transport SA.3 ...

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2SE.3200 Frelon

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
001 1959 FR F-ZWVS : ff 10 Jun 1959 at Le Bourget (by which time SNCASE was +
pictured at Le Bourget, pre XXIIIe ''Salon Internationa+
002 1959 FR F-ZWVT : ff 26 Oct 1959 (by which time SNCASE was part of Sud Av+

2 C/N.