List of Operators of Hughes 369HS

From Organisation with model 369HS
argentina Prefectura Naval Argentina
    369 / 500 / H-6 6 1968/88
argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina
    369 / 500 / H-6 30 1968/   
usa Air America
    369 / 500 / H-6 1970/75
finland Ilmavoimat
    369 / 500 / H-6 1975/96
argentina Gendarmeria Nacional Argentina
    369 / 500 / H-6 5 1986/??
philippines Venjo Training Services
    369 / 500 / H-6 12 2008/   

italy Corpo Forestale dello Stato
    369 / 500 / H-6 3
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Construction Numbers

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69-0101S 1969 UK G-AXEJ : Apr69-May81
1971 featured in the 17th episode (Five Miles to Midnit+
UK G-IDWR : Ryburn Air Ltd May81-Dec95; Copley Electrical Contracto+
16sep13 noted at Shoreham
119-0217S JP JA9050 : Kawasaki, conv to c/n 6610
80-0248S US N352X : Air America reg 15jul71; canc 1973
90-0257S US N351X : Air America
11-0274S AR PA-35 : PNA. d/d 1971. Sold 1987 as LV-RAH
11-0282S AR PA-31 : PNA. sold 1987 as LV-RAL
11-0289S US N353X : Air America reg 25jun71, to N2769
US N2769 : US Department of Energy, Las Vegas reg 17mar76; canc 23+
11-0290S AR PA-30 : PNA. Preserved Museo Prefectura at Tigre
11-0292S AR PA-32 : PNA. sold 1987 as LV-RAI
21-0293S 1971 US N9068F : Whirlwide Helicopters at Port Vila, Vanuatu from May08;+
21-0298S US N354X : Air America reg 07jul71, to N5537
US N5537 : US Department of Energy, Las Vegas reg 17mar76 canc 23d+
11-0299S AR PA-34 : PNA. crash 15apr84 at paraje Pozo del Tigre, Formosa. R+
0304S JP JA9075 : Kawasaki-Hughes 369HS; Fukuoka Prefectural Police Oct72+
61-0328S 1971 CA C-FTXZ : ex CF-TXZ Proag Holdings Ltd; Long Beach Helicopters Lt+
UK G-RBUT : private Nov90-Jul96
UK G-SWEL : private from Jun01
05aug06 pictured in National Helicopter Championships S+
20jul14 seen at Saint Bees west cumbria
14Jul15 at St.Bees, West Cumbria
22jul15 at Barton airport, Manchester
25sep17 overflew Lancaster University following line of+
08may18 overflew E side of Lancaster heading south alon+
23may18 flew to North Weald, Essex. Later seen heading +
81-0340S 1971 US N9086F : to N105FM
US N105FM : Hampton Helicopters at Port Vila, Vanuatu from May08
Jun14 Hansen Helicopters, Guam
91-0353S 1971 US N1133C : from Jun96 ? to VH-MJW
AU VH-MJW : from Nov96 to RP-C1706
RP RP-C1706 : Venjo Training Services from 2008
92-0414S US N222PE : Sea Gem Corp at San Diego, CA Jun88-Jan98
MX XC-TIJ : Tijuana; Secretaria de Seguridad P├║blica Municipal (SS+
33-0459S 1973 US N9134F : Western Helicopters Inc at San Bernardino, CA Aug73-Aug+
NZ ZK-HLY : 09nov16 pictured at Ashburton Aviation Museum, in Wing +
43-0469S 1973 US N9147F : 1973-1985
UK G-LIBS : 1985- eleven diff owner as of 2012; 20jun12 pictured at+
53-0472S ID PK-PDL : PK-PDL
53-0487S NL PH-HTH : 13jul97 Heli Holland
63-0490S SE SE-HFE : to OH-HIT
FI HH-3 : Ilmavoimat, ex SE-HFE, to OH-HIT
FI OH-HIT : Helikopterikeskus, noted Apr76; rtn to SE-HFE
73-0497S ID PK-PDS : PK-PDS
14-0556S 1974 US N9169F : ARS Inc at Bozeman, MT Mar/Dec 1995
CA C-FXEA : Outbound Aviation at Kelowna, BC Dec95-Oc09
NZ ZK-HHY : New Zealand Nov09-Nov15
09nov16 pictured preserved at Ashburton Aviation Museum
34-0571S 1974 US N9181F : Tropic Helicopters Jan/Jul96 to VH-THG
AU VH-THG : to RP-C3580
RP RP-C3580 : Venjo Training Services from Apr08
64-0611S FI HH-2 : Ilmavoimat, w/o 22jul82 at Utti; repaired, to OH-HIU
FI OH-HIU : ex HH-2
w/o 24aug95 night ferry flight, hit trees in low visibi+
74-0619S IT I-CFSA : CFS-01. w/o 29jul82
84-0634S IT I-CFSB : CFS-02. ex I-BNAD
94-0648S IT I-CFSC : CFS-03
114-0671S 1974 US N9229F : to ZK-HPY
NZ ZK-HPY : to N471M
US N471M : Jerrys Helicopter Service Inc at Port Vila, Vanuatu fr+
w/o 02mar13 crash on fishing boat off Majuro, Marshall+
101-0682S AR H-34 : built by RACA; c/n also as A0682S; crash 06Oct92; repai+
A0694S AR LV-LOS RADEAIR : built by RACA; 1986 pictured at Gral Rodriguez, Buenos +
101-0695S AR H-35 : built by RACA; c/n also as A0695S
A0705S AR GN-908 : RACA. w/o 12feb93
101-0707S AR H-36 : built by RACA; c/n also as A0707S; w/o 25aug05
A0729S AR LV-LTI : RACA-Hughes 369HS; pictured November 1995
A0731S AR LQ-LTJ : RACA-Hughes 369HS; Gobierno de San Juan 1975, to LV-LTJ
450741S 1975 US N9260F : private at Lampasas, TX
US N9260F : Gulf Helicopters Llc at Santa Fe, TX from Jan13
A0765S AR GN-909 : RACA
AR : Aug15 transf to FAA
A0766S AR GN-910 : RACA. wfu
AR : Aug15 transf to FAA
A0816S AR GN-911 : RACA, ex LV-MFF
56-0820S US N8344F : to F-GFLB
FR F-GFLB : Jul90 pictured at Royan
76-0829S 1976 US N8304F : Hughes Helicopters Mar/Aug 1977
US N191BB : Sonoma County Sheriff Office (SCSO), CA from Aug77; w/o+
116-0870S US N8677F : to N500SD
US N500SD : Bernalillo County Sheriffs Office (BCSO) fromSep 00; w/+
AR GN-918 : RACA
AR : Aug15 transf to FAA
45 C/N.