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    Hughes 369 / 500 / H-6

    The Hughes OH-6 was originally designed to meet the needs of the US Army's Light Observation Helicopter (LOH) competition, but it gave rise to a large family of commercial, corporate, and private helicopters. The OH-6A Cayuse first flew on February 27, 1963 and defeated the Bell YOH-4 (which eventually became the Bell 206 the most successful commercial helicopter ever made) and the Hiller YOH-5 (FH-1100).

    Light, nimble, and easily maintained, the MD500, as it became most known, is designed to carry four or more passengers in a small but comfortable cabin.

    Many different versions have been built for both the military (Series 369) and civil markets (Series 500) for a variety of missions and requirements. Was built under license in Argentina by RACA, in Japan by Kawasaki, in South Korea by Korean Air and in Italy by Breda Nardi.

    In 1966, it established a new record of major distance in a straight line for an helicopter: 3561 Km / 2212 m.

    Produced by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems from 1984, and MD Helicopters from 1999

    369 / 500 / H-6 News

    28,000 Flight Hours for Argentine Helicopters in Cyprus, 24-Jan-19 : #UNFICYP Argentine Air Force helicopters in Cyprus, part of peacekeeping mission UNFICYP achieved 28,000 flight hours since started operations in 1994

    50 Years of the OH-6 Helicopter, 19-Jul-13 : The first Hughes OH-6 Cayuse light-observation helicopter (LOH) prototype first flew on February 27, 1963, beginning a rich heritage as the most heralded and versatile scout helicopter in the world

    Derivatives & Versions

    OH-6A Cayuse 1963 Winner of the US Army Light Observation Helicopter competition, eventually in May 1965, against the Bell OH-4 and the Hiller OH-5. An initial Ar ...
    369A 1965
    KHI 369HS 1965
    369HE 1969
    369HM 1969
    369HS 1969
    369C / 500C 1970
    Breda Nardi NH500 1970
    369D / 500D 1975 369 military and 500 civilian variants. 500MD Defender variant was equipped with TOW missiles
    369E / 500E 1982 Pointed nose and various interior improvements. Built by Hughes between 1982-1984. Then as McDonnell Douglas MD500E. 369 Military and 500E civ ...
    Mc.D.D md500 1984 Aircraft produced by McDonnell Douglas between 1984 and 1997. See Hughes and MD Helicopters for others

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