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  • List of Operators of Hughes 369HM

    From Organisation with model 369HM
    argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina
        369 / 500 / H-6 30 1968/   
    colombia Fuerza Aerea Colombiana
        369 / 500 / H-6 1968/   
    denmark Hæren
        369 / 500 / H-6 15 1971/03
    denmark Flyvevåbnet
        15 1971/05
    spain Arma Aerea de la Armada Española
        14 1972/   
    finland Ilmavoimat
        369 / 500 / H-6 1975/96
    Construction Numbers on database of 369HM


    Construction Numbers

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    48-0001M CO FAC241,FAC4241
    48-0002M CO FAC242
    48-0003M CO FAC243,FAC4243
    48-0004M CO FAC244,FAC4244
    39-0032M AR H-22
    39-0033M AR H-23
    39-0034M AR H-24
    39-0035M AR H-25
    49-0037M CO FAC245
    49-0038M CO FAC246,FAC4246
    49-0039M CO FAC247
    49-0040M CO FAC248
    49-0041M CO FAC249
    49-0045M AR H-26
    49-0046M AR H-27
    59-0047M AR H-28
    59-0048M AR H-29
    59-0049M AR H-30
    59-0050M AR H-31
    59-0051M AR H-32
    109-0201M DK H-201
    109-0202M DK H-202
    109-0203M 1971 DK H-203,N650AG
    31-0205M DK H-205
    41-0206M DK H-206
    41-0207M DK H-207
    51-0208M DK H-208
    61-0209M 1971 DK H-209,N4QX,N604AG
    61-0210M 1971 DK H-210,N810M
    71-0211M 1971 DK H-211,N271M
    71-0212M DK H-212
    71-0213M 1971 DK F-HDNK,H-213
    91-0215M ES Z.13-1
    91-0216M ES Z.13-2
    101-0217M ES Z.13-3
    101-0218M ES Z.13-4
    101-0219M ES HS.13-5
    93-0231M ES HS.13-6
    93-0232M ES HS.13-7
    103-0239M ES HS.13-8
    113-0240M ES HS.13-9
    123-0241M ES HS.13-10
    123-0242M ES HS.13-11
    143-0243M ES HS.13-12
    24-0244M DK H-244
    24-0245M DK H-245
    24-0246M DK H-246
    44-0247M FI HH-1,OH-HAP,RF-00859
    16-0259M ES Z.13-14
    173-0272M ES HS.13-14
    50 C/N.