The Navy asked Gyrodyne to develop an Allison powered YQH-50E when Boeing ceased building its 365 shp model 550-1 turbo-shaft engine (military designation T50-BO-12) in April 1968. Under Naval Air Systems Command Contract No. N00019-69-C-0361, dated 31Dec68, Gyrodyne modified three QH-50D to YQH-50E test vehicles. The initial Allison T63-A-5A, Model 250-C19A, free turbine type, gas turbine engine used in the YQH-50E, was rated at 317 SHP at sea level. When tests demonstrated dramatically improved performance, Gyrodyne proposed a remote controlled VERTREP QH-50E platform, capable of hauling 1,500 pounds of cargo; or other sensor packages or weapons loads.

List of Operators of Gyrodyne QH-50E

From Organisation with model QH-50E
usa US Navy
    DSN / QH-50 DASH 762 1960/70

Construction Numbers

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DS-1717 1969 US 001717 : qh-50d Gyrodyne QH-50D c/n DS-1717, ff Apr69; accepted by USN +
DS-1718 1969 US 001718 : qh-50d Gyrodyne QH-50D c/n DS-1718, ff?; accepted by USN as QH+
DS-1719 1969 US 001719 : qh-50d Gyrodyne QH-50D c/n DS-1719, ff?; accepted by USN as QH+
3 C/N.