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  • List of Operators of Mil Mi-171C

    From Organisation with model Mi-171C

    russia UTair Aviation
        Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen)

    Construction Numbers on database of Mi-171C


    Construction Numbers

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    171C00066431809U RU SK RA-22451,OM-AVO
    171C00076431901U 2007 RU US RA-22450,N176RU
    171C00066431908U RU SK TR RA-22452,OM-AVN
    171C00066433302U 2006 RU RA-22468
    171C00076433307U TR RA-22440
    171C00643083603U RU RA-22432
    171C00643083808U 2008 RU RA-22435
    171C00643083809U RU PE RA-22433,OB-1990-P
    171C00031084208U AZ 4K-AZ71
    171C00031084301U AZ 4K-AZ72
    171C00643116106U RA-22312
    11 C/N.