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Construction Numbers

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171C00031084208U AZ 4K-AZ71 : AZAL /42-08
171C00031084301U AZ 4K-AZ72 : AZAL /43-01
171C00066431809U RU RA-22451 : UTair, to OM-AVO
SK OM-AVO : UTair Europe
171C00066431908U RU RA-22452 : UTair, to OM-AVN
SK OM-AVN : UTair, Slovakia serial
TR OM-AVN : Jan10 pictured working for Turkish Directorate of Fores+
171C00066433302U 2006 RU RA-22468 : Gazpromavia
171C00076431901U 2007 RU RA-22450 : Rosvertol, to N176RU
US N176RU : Simplex Corp at Haddandale, FL from Jun10
171C00076433307U RU RA-22440 : Vostok Airlines
RA-22440 : Feb10 in Haiti with UN markins
TR RA-22440 : Jun11 pictured with Turkish Directorate of Forestry
171C00643083603U RU RA-22432 : UTair
RA-22432 : United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA+
171C00643083808U 2008 RU RA-22435 : UTair
171C00643083809U RU RA-22433 : UTair, to Peru
PE OB-1990-P : Helisur from 2012
171C00643116106U RU RA-22312 : Konvers Avia; w/o 26oct17 North of Cap Heer, Barentsbur+
11 C/N.

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