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  • Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen)

    Derived from Mi-8/17 Hip (2nd Gen)

    Mil Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen)

    Mi-8/17 Hip (3rd Gen) News

    Mi-171A3 Helicopter at Innoprom 2022, 10-Jul-22 : #oilandgas Russian Helicopters presented a mockup of the Mi-171A3 offshore helicopter and BAS-200 drone at the Innoprom-2022 Industrial Exhibition

    Mi-171A2 Training for Kazakhstan Pilots, 22-Feb-22 : #Kazakhstan Kazakhstan pilots from Berkut State Airlines completed Mi-171A2 training at the Russian Helicopters Ulan-Ude training center. The first Mi-171A2 helicopter was delivered to Kazakhstan in early 2019

    Air Ambulance Helicopters for Russian NSSA, 02-Feb-22 : #Russia Russian National Service of Sanitary Aviation (NSSA) received 3 Ansat and 3 Mi-8MTV-1 air ambulance helicopters. NSSA already received 16 of a 66 contract order signed last year

    India Sky One Airways Pilots Training in Mi-171A2, 21-Dec-21 : #India Russian Helicopters U-UAZ plant will train Indian pilots from Sky One Airways Ltd to operate the new Mi-171A2 helicopter

    First Flight of Offshore helicopter Mi-171A3, 18-Dec-21 : #oilandgas Russian Mi-171A3, developed in record time for offshore operations and maintenance of offshore drilling platforms, completes first flight

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    Derivatives & Versions

    Mi-171E Mi-171 powered by VK-2500-03 engines for extreme temperatures (-58/+50 C)
    Mi-172 Produced by Kazan, the Mi-172 is a certified civilian transport variant
    Mi-171 1991 Export version of Mi-8AMT
    Mi-8AMT 1991 Third generation of the Mi-8/17, the Mi-8AMT is a multi-role helicopter developed at the Mil Moscow Plant and producted by Ulan-Ude plant. Powere ...
    Mi-8AMTSh Terminator 1996
    Mi-171A1 2005 Received type certification from Brazil National Civil Aviation Agency in 2005. Used by Atlas Taxi Aereo
    CH-178 2010 Four Mi-17-V5 flown by Canadian Forces in Afghanistan
    Mi-171A2 2014 The Russian Helicopters Mi-171A2 is powered by FADEC equipped Klimov VK2500 turboshafts, a KBO-17 integrated avionics suite and a new tail rotor. ...
    Mi-171A3 2020 Offshore variant of the Mi-171A2 to support oil and gas drilling platforms. Development began in 2018 with first prototype to carry out a flight ...

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