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  • Third generation of the Mi-8/17, the Mi-8AMT is a multi-role helicopter developed at the Mil Moscow Plant and producted by Ulan-Ude plant. Powered by two TV3-117VM tuboshaft engines of 2,200 shp. Exported as Mi-171 and military variant known as Mi-8AMTSh

    Mi-8AMT News

    Mi-8AMT Arctic Enters Serial Production, 20-Jun-20 : #Arctic Russian Helicopters started serial production of Mi-8AMT Arctic helicopters for civilian customers at the Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant. The helicopter has heating transmission parts for quick start of engines in extremely low temperatures and a range of 1400 km ~ 870 mi

    Norilsk Avia Leased Ten Mi-8AMT from Gazprombank, 30-Aug-19 : #Norilsk Gazprombank leasing 10 Mi-8AMT to Norilsk Avia, part of Norilsk Nickel group, the only helicopter company on the Taimyr Peninsula. Will be delivered in 2020-2024

    List of Operators of Mil Mi-8AMT

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    Construction Numbers on database of Mi-8AMT


    Construction Numbers

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    59489611121 RA-25755
    8AMT00076433310U RU RF-28982
    8AMT00643083810U 2008 RU RA-22425
    8AMT00643083905U 2008 RU RA-22430
    8AMT00643083910U 2008 RU RA-22472,UNO-893
    8AMT00643084001U 2008 RU RA-22473
    8AMT00643084101U 2008 RU RA-22487
    8AMT00643084102U 2010 RU RA-22489
    8AMT00643084104U RU RA-22491
    8AMT00643084108U 2008 RU RA-22476
    8AMT00643084110U 2010 RU RA-22497
    8AMT00643084201U RU RA-22210
    59489614258 RU PE CO RA-22982,HK-4312X,OB-1878-P,HK-5081
    00496114709U 2011 JU-6600
    8AMT00643104803U 2010 RU RA-22233
    59489605182 RU PG RA-27101,P2-HBA
    59489605283 RU NP RA-27093,9N-ADL,,UNO-140H
    59489607385 RU NP RA-22160,9N-ADD
    59489607509 RU RA-27177
    8AMT00643177660U RU RA-22720
    59489607849 RU RA-27178
    59489607904 1993 RU PG RA-27106,HL9283,P2-HBB
    22 C/N.