Eurocopter EC135



Military designation for EC135P2+

Model News

P&W Canada on EC135 / H135 20th Anniversary, 14-Jul-16 : FIA 2016 The majority of EC135 / H135 helicopters manufactured since 1996 have been powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PW206B engines in the P1/P2/P3 series

List of Operators of Eurocopter EC635P2+

From Organisation with model EC635P2+
germany Eurocopter Deutschland GmbH
    EC135 1994/14
france Eurocopter France
    EC135 2 1995/00
switzerland Schweizer Luftwaffe
    EC135 20 2008/   
Construction Numbers on database of EC635P2+


Construction Numbers

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0529 DE D-HECM : Eurocopter Germany, to T-353
CH T-353 : SUI /53
06sep14 pictured at Payerne; Police titles
0595 DE D-HABD : ec135p2+ Eurocopter Germany, to F-WMXF
FR F-WMXF : Eurocopter France, conv to EC635P2+
DE D-HCBX : Eurocopter Germany, conv to EC135P2e
0645 DE D-HECU : Eurocopter toward T-355
CH T-355 : SUI ex D-HECU /55
0679 CH T-357 : SUI /57
0693 CH T-358 : SUI /58; 12oct11 pictured at Meiringen airbase (LSMM)
0722 DE D-HCBB : Eurocopter assembled with RUAG toward T-360
CH T-360 : SUI ex D-HCBB /60
0742 CH T-362 : SUI /62, test serial D-HCBQ
0756 CH T-363 : SUI /63
0767 CH T-364 : SUI /64; 12oct11 pictured at Meiringen airbase (LSMM)
0774 DE D-HCBL : Eurocopter assembled with RUAG toward T-365
CH T-365 : SUI ex D-HCBL /65
03jun13 pictured at Alpnach
0780 DE D-HECP : Eurocopter assembled with RUAG toward T-366
CH T-366 : SUI ex D-HECP /66
0791 DE D-HECU : Eurocopter assembled with RUAG toward T-367
CH T-367 : SUI ex D-HECU /67
0802 DE D-HECA : Eurocopter assembled with RUAG, to T-368
CH T-368 : SUI /68
11oct12 pictured (top) during Flieger-demonstration at +
06sep14 pictured (bot) at Payerne; 100air titles
0812 DE D-HECK : Eurocopter assembled with RUAG toward T-369
CH T-369 : SUI ex D-HECK /69
0820 DE D-HECH : Eurocopter assembled with RUAG toward T-370
CH T-370 : SUI ex D-HECH /70
15 C/N.

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