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    Bell OH-58C Kiowa


    The OH-58C is an upgrade of the OH-58A. It has a more powerful engine, as well as flat panel windscreen glass and improved avionics. The flat panel glass is installed to reduce distortion while using night vision goggles. Like all OH-58s, the OH-58C has been flown in a wide variety of missions, including Air Cavalry AeroScout, Attack Battalion Scout, Liaison, Logistics, Etc. It can be equipped to fire the Stinger air-to-air missile. While the vast majority of the OH-58Cs built were flown by the US Army, a small number were loaned to the US Navy, and flown mostly at the US Navy Test Pilot School.

    List of Operators of Bell OH-58C Kiowa

    From Organisation with model OH-58C Kiowa
    usa US Army Aviation
        206 2326 1968/20

    usa State of Illinois

    Construction Numbers on database of OH-58C Kiowa


    Construction Numbers

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    40067 US 68-16753 : oh-58a US Army
    04apr91 type:OH-58C w/o
    40303 1970 US 69-16082 : oh-58a US Army 0-16082
    cnvt. to OH-58C; stored/wfu Kenosha
    US N317TS : Stephenson County Sheriffs department; ex 69-16082 re-r+
    US N62PD : Stephenson County Sheriffs department; 2008 ex N317TS
    40705 US 70-15154 : oh-58a OH-58A conv to OH-58CR
    US Army, conv to OH-58C
    At RMCS Shrivenham by Dec 1999. Still there by Jul 2002+
    UK : Instructional Airframe Defence Academy of the United Ki+
    40896 US 70-15345 : oh-58a US Army
    Converted to OH-58C
    28 May 1999 OH-58C In storage at Bay County. Carrying +
    US N91335 : Registered N91335 by Jan 2000; w/o 12 Apr 2001 (on Mosq+
    41465 US 71-20604 : US Army; w/o ; 24mar95 pictured at El Mirage, CA
    41541 US 71-20680 : oh-58a US Army 0-20680
    2005 type:OH-58C 1-212th AVN.
    41544 US 71-20683 : oh-58a US Army 0-20683
    2005 type:OH-58C 1-212th AVN.
    41835 US 72-21169 : oh-58a US Army
    Converted to OH-58C
    28 May 1999 OH-58C In storage at Bay County. Carrying N+
    US N91336 : Registered N91336 by Jan 2002.
    8 C/N.