Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2

AS355E TwinStar


Powered by 2 Allison 250-C20F turboshaft engines, uses single hydraulics


Engine: 2 x Allison 250-C20F 420 shp
Length: (m)
Height: (m)
Blades: 3
Rotor diam.: (m)
Disc area: (m2)
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 1230     Max: 2100
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 220     Max: 240
Range: (km) 850
Ceiling: (m) 4000
Rate/Climb: (m/min) 522

List of Operators of Aerospatiale AS355E TwinStar

From Organisation with model AS355E TwinStar
france Douane
    AS355 ecureuil 2 5 1985/   
united kingdom Western Power Distribution
    AS355 ecureuil 2 1987/12
united kingdom UK Air Ambulances
netherlands Marine Luchtvaartdienst
    AS355 ecureuil 2 2 1997/05

united kingdom UK Police Forces
    AS355 ecureuil 2
Construction Numbers on database of AS355E TwinStar


Construction Numbers

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001 1979 FR F-WZLA : AS355 prototype f/f Sep79; preserved
5011 1980 US N57745 : Lynton Group Inc at Morristown, NJ Jul91-Mar94
UK G-BVLG : Lynton Aviation at Denham Aerodrome Mar94-Oct96
PLM Dollar Group Ltd from Oct96; AS.355F1 type
19jun17 at Heathrow
5014 1981 US N181DB : USA, canc Feb89
FR F-GJST : France 1989; conv to AS355F1 type; reser F-OGPY
FR F-OGPY : France, to F-GKLP
FR F-GKLP : SAF Helicopteres Jul89-Nov03
IT I-AMLT : Air Mach 2004-2006; Icarus Elicotteri from 2007; Camer+
31aug13 pictured at Jesolo International Air Show Venic+
5026 1981 FR F-ZBAC : as355f2 Douane original, conv to AS.355F2, ex C-GFSI
w/o unk ?
5030 1981 US N128NH : to N355EA
US N355EA : to N355HR
US N355HR : reg Feb00; Aug02 noted Manhattan heliport; Africair In+
TT 9Y-TJO : Briko Air Services from Oct03, as F1 type w/o 20mar09
5033 1981 US N915EG : ex N5777H, conv to AS355F1, canc Jul88
UK G-SCHU : McAlpine Sep89-Mar91, AS355F1 type
UK G-PASF : Police Aviation Services Mar91-Feb03
UK G-PASF : Feb03-Feb06
UK G-XLLL : Feb06-Jan10
MW Helicopters from Jan10
09dec12 pictured (pic1) over West India Docks, Isle of+
18jun13 pictured (pic2) at Ascot heliport
23aug14 Nobles Hospital, Isle of Man
17oct15 brands hatch superbikes
10jan16 afternoon flying over London
24feb17 over Brentwood hovering over houses. mapping?
5036 US N5780S : USA, to N301CE
US N301CE : to N811HS
US N811HS : Private Oklahoma Mar87-May08, 355F1 type
VQ-TAO : Turks and Caicos Islands 2008-2009
US N72TJ : Fly Global Logistics Inc at Doral, FL May/Jun 2010
BR PR-HTL : FlyOne Servi├žos Aereos Especializados, noted Jun12; a+
Secretaria de Estado da Saude (FES), Alagoas State fro+
5037 US N5780K : to PT-HSP
BR PT-HSP : conv to AS.355F1 type; canc Sep09
Emar Taxi Aereo from Dec10, canc ?
5039 AU VH-NJL : WA Police; w/o 8may92 crashed and burnt during a polic+
5041 1981 US N117BF : USA, canc Feb07
NZ ZK-IAV : New Zealand Feb07-Apr15
NZ ZK-IGO : Over The Top Ltd from Sep15
5042 1981 US N57818 : canc 1990
UK G-PASE : Police Aviation Services Ldt 1990-1998; conv AS.355F1; +
UK G-KGMT : Police Aviation Services Ldt 1998-2001; to F-GYES
FR F-GYES : Heli Securite from 2001
UK G-KGMT : Served with Kent Air Ambulance, after crash of G-MASK, +
5043 1981 CA C-GBKH : Kenting Acft Ltd at Alberta, Canada 1981-Apr86
UK G-BNBK : McAlpine Nov86-Feb87, conv to F1 type
UK G-BNBK : Western Power Distribution Plc Feb87-Jun12
UK G-LECA : HFS Aviation Ltd from Jun12; 30sep13 pictured at Norwic+
5046 1981 US N57826 : to F-GFEY
FR F-GFEY : conv to 355F
1999 pictured (pic1) as SAMU /15 at Biaritz, France
FR F-GFEY : 2006 conv to 355F2
Feb13 pictured (pic2) on sale as AS355F2 type, EUR 700,+
5049 US N357E unk : toward I-VIEY
IT I-VIEY unk : type:? ex N357E toward PH-HHC
NL PH-HHC : Coast Guard type:AS355F1 TwinStar; from Nov97 to 2005 o+
NL PH-HHC : Heli Holland; 2005 after replaced by PH-HVH returned to+
5054 1981 US N35CR : 09jun99 pictured at Washington-Reagen NAP, VA; to N10CE
US N10CE : 2008
5058 1981 US N5787E : conv to AS.355F1; Air Logistics; 13mar95 pictured at P+
5075 1981 US N57881 : Aerospatiale Corp
US N130US : USA Oct84, to N102UM
US N102UM : Rogers Helicopters Inc at Fresno, CA Oct95-Apr17
US N102UM : Timberland Helicopters at Ashland, OR from Apr17
5077 1981 CA C-GLKH : 1981-1986
UK G-BNBJ : McAlpine Nov86-Aug88
UK G-BNBJ : Coln Helicopters Aug88-Mar89
UK G-CMMM : from Mar89; McAlpine Jul/Aug 1989
UK G-NEAS : McAlpine Aug/Dec 1989
UK G-SETA : McAlpine Dec89-Jan96
UK G-SETA : Kent Air Ambulance; 11jun95 pictured at Biggen Hill. AB+
UK G-CCAO : McAlpine Jan96-Mar99
UK G-BZGC : McAlpine Mar99-Aug07
UK G-BZGC : Merseyside Police Air Support Unit
UA UR-OREL : AS355F1 type; Ukraine from Sep07
5079 1981 US N57894 : USA, canc Sep88
UK G-BUZI : Butane Buzzard Aviation Corp Jan89-Apr92; private Apr/J+
Sarpedon Ltd Jul92-Aug93
Brian Seedle Helicopters Aug93-Jun97
FR F-GJFU : Fraissinet Aviation at Lousanne Jul97-Dec06; 2004 noted+
SAF Helicopters from Jan07
ES EC-KAF : CAT Helicopteros from May07
Patrolling along the beaches to the north east of the H+
5080 1982 US N5787T : conv to AS.355F1; Air Logistics; 13mar95 pictured at P+
5086 US N5781P : Aerospatiale USA
VE YV-05CP : Venezuela, to D-HHRR
DE D-HHRR : Heli-Charter Rammelsberg unk, AS355F1 type
CZ OK-DSN : DSA, AS355N type
5089 US N866MP : RTS Helicopters at Oklahoma City 1984-1999, ex N5789S
ES EC-GHY : Helicsa, ex EC-293
5090 US N500HH : USA, to OH-HAQ
FI OH-HAQ : Finland, to OE-XFS
AT OE-XFS : SHS, 355F1 type
5096 US N5785T : USA, to N813DB
US N813DB : to PT-HTW
BR PT-HTW : Antares Taxi Aereo Jul94-1997, 355F1 type
US N8794Y : First Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Se+
SE SE-JDK : Sweden Apr98-Nov11; 26feb99 dmg Hafjell, Oppland fylke
NO LN-OAX : Norway, to OE-XKR
AT OE-XKR : Austria, reser OE-XNN
AT OE-XNN : Heli Austria, 355F2 type; 23sep16 pictured at St Johann+
5100 US N5789X : ERA, noted 1985
US N57809 : to N355MF
US N355MF : Southwest Helicopters at Tucson, AZ Aug96-Jan00, as350F+
25 C/N.