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  • Aerospatiale AS355 ecureuil 2

    AS355E TwinStar


    Powered by 2 Allison 250-C20F turboshaft engines, uses single hydraulics


    Engine: 2 x Allison 250-C20F 420 shp
    Length: (m)
    Height: (m)
    Blades: 3
    Rotor diam.: (m)
    Disc area: (m2)
    Weight: (kgs) Empty: 1230     Max: 2100
    Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 220     Max: 240
    Range: (km) 850
    Ceiling: (m) 4000
    Rate/Climb: (m/min) 522

    List of Operators of Aerospatiale AS355E TwinStar

    From Organisation with model AS355E TwinStar
    france Douane
        AS355 ecureuil 2 5 1985/   
    united kingdom Western Power Distribution
        AS355 ecureuil 2 1987/12
    united kingdom UK Air Ambulances
    netherlands Marine Luchtvaartdienst
        AS355 ecureuil 2 2 1997/05

    united kingdom UK Police Forces
        AS355 ecureuil 2
    Construction Numbers on database of AS355E TwinStar


    Construction Numbers

    Help Us

    001 1979 FR F-WZLA : AS355 prototype f/f Sep79; preserved
    5011 1980 US N57745 : Lynton Group Inc at Morristown, NJ Jul91-Mar94
    UK G-BVLG : Lynton Aviation at Denham Aerodrome Mar94-Oct96
    PLM Dollar Group Ltd from Oct96; AS.355F1 type
    at Heathrow
    5014 1981 US N181DB : USA, canc Feb89
    FR F-GJST : France 1989; conv to AS355F1 type; reser F-OGPY
    FR F-OGPY : France, to F-GKLP
    FR F-GKLP : SAF Helicopteres Jul89-Nov03
    IT I-AMLT : Air Mach 2004-2006; Icarus Elicotteri from 2007; Camer+
    31aug13 pictured at Jesolo International Air Show Venic+
    IT I-AMLT : RAI (Radiotelevisione Italiana) marks
    5026 1981 FR F-ZBAC : as355f2 Douane original, conv to AS.355F2, ex C-GFSI
    w/o unk ?
    5030 1981 US N128NH : to N355EA
    US N355EA : to N355HR
    US N355HR : reg Feb00; Aug02 noted Manhattan heliport; Africair In+
    TT 9Y-TJO : Briko Air Services from Oct03, as F1 type w/o 20mar09
    5033 1981 US N915EG : ex N5777H, conv to AS355F1, canc Jul88
    UK G-SCHU : McAlpine Sep89-Mar91, AS355F1 type
    UK G-PASF : Police Aviation Services Mar91-Feb03
    UK G-PASF : Feb03-Feb06
    UK G-XLLL : Feb06-Jan10
    MW Helicopters from Jan10
    pictured (pic1) over West India Docks, Isle of Dogs, +
    pictured (pic2) at Ascot heliport
    23aug14 Nobles Hospital, Isle of Man
    17oct15 brands hatch superbikes
    10jan16 afternoon flying over London
    24feb17 over Brentwood hovering over houses. mapping?
    5036 US N5780S : USA, to N301CE
    US N301CE : to N811HS
    US N811HS : Private Oklahoma Mar87-May08, 355F1 type
    VQ-TAO : Turks and Caicos Islands 2008-2009
    US N72TJ : Fly Global Logistics Inc at Doral, FL May/Jun 2010
    BR PR-HTL : FlyOne Servi├žos Aereos Especializados, noted Jun12; a+
    Secretaria de Estado da Saude (FES), Alagoas State fro+
    5037 US N5780K : to PT-HSP
    BR PT-HSP : conv to AS.355F1 type; canc Sep09
    Emar Taxi Aereo from Dec10, canc ?
    5039 AU VH-NJL : WA Police; w/o 8may92 crashed and burnt during a polic+
    5041 1981 US N117BF : USA, canc Feb07
    NZ ZK-IAV : New Zealand Feb07-Apr15
    NZ ZK-IGO : Over The Top Ltd from Sep15
    5042 1981 US N57818 : canc 1990
    UK G-PASE : Police Aviation Services Ldt 1990-1998; conv AS.355F1; +
    UK G-KGMT : Police Aviation Services Ldt 1998-2001; to F-GYES
    FR F-GYES : Heli Securite from 2001
    UK G-KGMT : Served with Kent Air Ambulance, after crash of G-MASK, +
    5043 1981 CA C-GBKH : Kenting Acft Ltd at Alberta, Canada 1981-Apr86
    UK G-BNBK : McAlpine Nov86-Feb87, conv to F1 type
    UK G-BNBK : Western Power Distribution Plc Feb87-Jun12
    UK G-LECA : HFS Aviation Ltd from Jun12; pictured at Norwich
    5046 1981 US N57826 : to F-GFEY
    FR F-GFEY : conv to 355F
    1999 pictured (pic1) as SAMU /15 at Biaritz, France
    FR F-GFEY : 2006 conv to 355F2
    Feb13 pictured (pic2) on sale as AS355F2 type, EUR 700,+
    5049 US N357E unk : toward I-VIEY
    IT I-VIEY unk : type:? ex N357E toward PH-HHC
    NL PH-HHC : Coast Guard type:AS355F1 TwinStar; from to 2005 operat+
    NL PH-HHC : Heli Holland; 2005 after replaced by PH-HVH returned to+
    5054 1981 US N35CR : pictured at Washington-Reagen NAP, VA; to N10CE
    US N10CE : 2008
    5058 1981 US N5787E : conv to AS.355F1; Air Logistics; pictured at Patterso+
    5075 1981 US N57881 : Aerospatiale Corp
    US N130US : USA Oct84, to N102UM
    US N102UM : Rogers Helicopters Inc at Fresno, CA Oct95-Apr17
    US N102UM : Timberland Helicopters at Ashland, OR from Apr17
    5077 1981 CA C-GLKH : 1981-1986
    UK G-BNBJ : McAlpine Nov86-Aug88
    UK G-BNBJ : Coln Helicopters Aug88-Mar89
    UK G-CMMM : from Mar89; McAlpine Jul/Aug 1989
    UK G-NEAS : McAlpine Aug/Dec 1989
    UK G-SETA : McAlpine Dec89-Jan96
    UK G-SETA : Kent Air Ambulance; pictured at Biggen Hill. AB206 G-B+
    UK G-CCAO : McAlpine Jan96-Mar99
    UK G-BZGC : McAlpine Mar99-Aug07
    UK G-BZGC : Merseyside Police Air Support Unit
    UA UR-OREL : AS355F1 type; Ukraine from Sep07
    5079 1981 US N57894 : USA, canc Sep88
    UK G-BUZI : Butane Buzzard Aviation Corp Jan89-Apr92; private Apr/J+
    Sarpedon Ltd Jul92-Aug93
    Brian Seedle Helicopters Aug93-Jun97
    FR F-GJFU : Fraissinet Aviation at Lousanne Jul97-Dec06; 2004 noted+
    SAF Helicopters from Jan07
    ES EC-KAF : CAT Helicopteros from May07
    Patrolling along the beaches to the north east of the H+
    5080 1982 US N5787T : conv to AS.355F1; Air Logistics; pictured at Patterso+
    5086 US N5781P : Aerospatiale USA
    VE YV-05CP : Venezuela, to D-HHRR
    DE D-HHRR : Heli-Charter Rammelsberg unk, AS355F1 type
    CZ OK-DSN : DSA, AS355N type
    5089 US N866MP : RTS Helicopters at Oklahoma City 1984-1999, ex N5789S
    ES EC-GHY : Helicsa, ex EC-293
    5090 US N500HH : USA, to OH-HAQ
    FI OH-HAQ : Finland, to OE-XFS
    AT OE-XFS : SHS, 355F1 type
    5096 US N5785T : USA, to N813DB
    US N813DB : to PT-HTW
    BR PT-HTW : Antares Taxi Aereo Jul94-1997, 355F1 type
    US N8794Y : First Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Se+
    SE SE-JDK : Sweden Apr98-Nov11; 26feb99 dmg Hafjell, Oppland fylke
    NO LN-OAX : Norway, to OE-XKR
    AT OE-XKR : Austria, reser OE-XNN
    AT OE-XNN : Heli Austria, 355F2 type; pictured at St Johann Im Pon+
    5100 US N5789X : ERA, noted 1985
    US N57809 : to N355MF
    US N355MF : Southwest Helicopters at Tucson, AZ Aug96-Jan00, as350F+
    25 C/N.