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First announced in 2014, LifeRCraft (Low Impact Fast & Efficient RotorCraft) will be a large-scale compound rotorcraft demonstrator developed under the lead of Airbus Helicopters in the framework of Europe Clean Sky 2 Joint Technology Initiative.

On June 2017, Racer (Rapid And Cost-Effective Rotorcraft) high speed demonstrator configuration was first unveiled during the Paris Air Show. Prototype scheduled to fly in 2020

Model News

Airbus and EASA Partners for NextGen VTOL, 02-Oct-19 : #NextGeneration Airbus Helicopters and European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to combine efforts to design the next generation of vertical take-off (VTOL) platforms along with their regulatory framework

Vision Systems’ Composite Unit for Airbus Racer, 26-Sep-19 : #CleanSky2 Vision Systems takes part in Clean Sky 2 European research programme in partnership with Airbus Helicopters to develop the RACER, Rapid And Cost-Effective Rotorcraft

Digital Wind Tunnel for Airbus RACER Development, 03-Apr-19 : #WindTunnel Innovative flight simulations using a ’digital wind tunnel’ developed under Clean Sky’s CA³TCH project bring pre-flight aerodynamic and aeroacoustic analyses to the next level.

Aneto-1X to Power Airbus Racer Demonstrator, 22-Oct-18 : Helitech 2018 ​Airbus selected Safran’s Aneto-1X of 2,500 shp engine to power its Racer (Rapid and Cost-Efficient Rotorcraft) high-speed demonstrator

Racer Demonstrator Passes Preliminary Design, 16-Oct-18 : Helitech 2018 Airbus Racer (Rapid And Cost-Efficient Rotorcraft) high-speed demonstrator prototype final assembly planned to start Q4 2019. Funded by European Union’s H2020 framework through the Clean Sky 2 program

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Engine: 2 x Safran (Turbomeca) Aneto-1X 2500 shp
Length: (m)
Height: (m)
Rotor diam.: (m)
Disc area: (m2)
Weight: (kgs)
Speed: (km/h)
Range: (km)
Ceiling: (m)
Rate/Climb: (m/min)

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mockup FR : Racer Display Model first unveiled June 2016

1 C/N.

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