Future helicopter Derived from Mil Mi-26 Halo

The Advanced Heavy Lift (AHL) helicopter is a joint development between Russian Helicopters and AVIC.

Take-off weight will be about 38 tons, while the maximum commercial payload inside the cabin – 10 tons and the external load – 15 tons.

The helicopter will be designed from scratch making it a fundamentally new aircraft even though it will borrow some of the solutions from the existing Mi-26

Model News

Chinese AHL Without Date Yet, 16-Jun-17 : Russian Rostec and China AVIC may start the Advanced Heavy Lifter (AHL) development, based on the Mi-26, before the end of this year was announced at the Fourth China-Russia Expo in Harbin

Russia and China AHL to be Signed by End of 2016, 11-Jul-16 : Now referred as advanced heavy helicopter (AHH) program, the Russian / Chinese Advanced Heavy Lift (AHL) contract expects up to 300 aircraft to be produced in 5 years

Russia and China to Develop Heavy Lift Helicopter, 25-Jun-16 : Russian President Vladimir Putin signed agreement to develop the AHL (Advanced Heavy Lift) helicopter between Russian Helicopters and Chinese state company Avicopter

Russia and China Plan to Build Heavy Lift Helicopter, 02-Sep-15 : Before the close of this year, Russia and China are to sign the contract for the joint development of a heavy-lift helicopter designated Advanced Heavy Lift (AHL)

Russian Helicopters and China Discuss the AHL, 28-Apr-15 : CEO of the Russian Helicopters discussed the joint development of the Advanced Heavy-Lifter (AHL) civilian helicopter project with partners from the Chinese corporation AVIC and the Avicopter company

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