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51022 US N2770X : 206l-3 Bell, conv to Bell 407 prototype f/f 29jun95; reser N40+
US N407LR : Bell, reser N407LP
US N407LP : to N510BH
US N510BH : Bell, conv to 206L-4
: to Chile as unk; w/o unk
52002 1992 CA C-GADL : Bell Canada 1992
US N2064S : United States Department Of Energy Jul99; 2019 still
52004 1992 US N6057N : Bell Helicopter 1992, test serial C-GFNK
GT TG-NOV : Guatemala, to TG-NOW
GT TG-NOW : to N57AW
US N57AW : N57aw Llc at Glendale, AZ from Aug04
Airwest; pictured parked at Grand Canyon Valle airport
US N57AW : Cochise County Sheriff Dept, op by Airwest; w/o 31dec14+
52007 1992 US N3QY : Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL May98
52009 1993 US N203UT : Ut Lifestar Llc at Knoxville, TN
US N325AE : Air Evac EMS from Jan09
52011 1992 MY 9M-FAM : Mofaz Air; to N87WP
US N87WP : ex 9M-FAM; 2007 as N87WP
52012 1993 PL SP-FDN : Poland 1993-1997?, test serial N6182M
US N5671R : USA Mar97
US N5AY : reser N411TV
US N411TV : Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL Jul97-Dec08
US N12BQ : Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL from Jan09
52014 1993 US N6197N : California Highway Patrol (CHP) Dec94-Dec16, test seria+
CHP, at Hansen Dam Park
US N6197N : Pleasant Aviation Llc at Mount Pleasant, TX from Dec16
52015 1993 US N6148T : Bell, test serial C-GFNQ
US N801DS : to N881DS
US N881DS : to N100TV
US N100TV : Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ; to N6UL
US N6UL : Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ from May02; Dec18 in Texa+
52019 1993 US N61974 : Bell Helicopter 1993, test serial C-GLZU
IN VT-PHA : Pawan Hans from Apr93
52020 1993 US N63L : Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL Aug97
52021 US N61970 : Bell May/Jun 1993, test serial C-GLZS
NP 9N-RAL : Nepal
52022 VE YV1985 : Lloyd; ex D-HHSJ; w/o 18jan12 crash into Auyantepui mou+
52026 US N7YJ : Helicopters Inc at Linden, NJ Oct04
52027 1993 US N2WE : We Fly Llc at Los Angeles, CA Apr18
52028 1993 BR PT-YCQ : Conquista Imobiliaria Ltda, test serial N2064J
US N82TV : Helicopters Inc at Linden, NJ Jun00-Dec12
US N9UJ : Helicopters Inc at Linden, NJ from Dec12
52030 ZA ZS-REG : w/o 28apr18 Polokwane, South Africa
52031 1993 JP JA6134 : Miyagi Prefectural Police Dec93-Oct15, test serial N705+
US N206TL : Turbines Ltd at West Point, NE from Apr16
Jul/Nov 2016, sold Bell 206 1993; Empty Weight: 2809 L+
52032 1993 US N93LT : 206lt Bell Jun94-Mar96, conv to LT
CZ OK-ZIU : Alfa Helicopter, to OM-ZIU
Alfa Helicopter; canc
SK OM-ZIU : Slovakia, rtn to OK-AHC
CZ OK-AHC : rtn to OM-ZIU
52035 US N2154T : Bell, test serial C-GTHE
CO HK-4484 : Helifly Colombia; w/o 15apr18 trying to sling load anot+
52040 1993 BR PT-HSD : Universo Ltda, Brazil by Oct04, test serial C-GFNL
US N96AP : USA, to N319AE
US N319AE : Banc Of America Leasing & Capital Llc at West Plains, M+
US N319AE : Air Evac EMS Inc at O'Fallon, MO from Aug19
52043 1993 CA C-GLZS : Bell Canada
VR-BSR : Bermuda, to VP-BSR
VP-BSR : Bahamas, to 5B-CKA
CY 5B-CKA : Cyprus, to P2-PBG
PG P2-PBG : Pacific Helicopters, Papua New Guinea
: Nov17-Aug18, sold Longranger 206L-4 1993; Utility with +
52044 1993 US N208FC : to N657HA
US N657HA : Helicopter Applicators from Oct01
52045 1993 US N27M : Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL from Feb92
52047 1993 US N135RP : Bell Nov93
US N911YY : City Of Chicago at Chicago, IL Apr03; Chicago Police De+
52049 1993 US N9BQ : Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL Aug97
52052 1993 US N520RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Company Llc at Broussard, LA Jun13
52055 1993 US N311MH : Maritime Helicopters at Homer, AK from Sep19
52058 1994 US N4014Z : California Highway Patrol (CHP) Dec94-2016
MX XC-LPA : Mexico from Apr17
52060 1994 CA C-GSQA : Bell Canada May94-Nov99
CA C-GSQA : Sûreté du Québec (SQ) from May94; conv 206LT type
w/o crashed into lake at Lac Saint-Jean, near Alma, Que+
52061 1994 CA C-FYEZ : Niagara Helicopters May94-May96
US N6252Q : 206lt Bell Helicopter Jun96-Apr99, conv to LT TwinRanger
CZ OK-YIR : Czech Republic from 1999; w/o 2001
52066 1993 US N173AL : Air Logistics
US N173RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Nov08
52067 1993 US N174AL : Air Logistics / Bristow (?)
US N174RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Aug16; +
52068 1994 US N2137P : Bell Feb/Mar 1994, test serial C-FEXW
CZ OK-YIP : Alfa Helicopter Apr94-Jul05
ES EC-JKG : INAER from 2005
ES EC-JKG : with RTS Rotorsun pictured during sling load at Águila+
52070 1994 US N94CH : Omniflight Helicopters Inc at Addison, TX
US N94CH : Native Air by Jun12
US N811SF : San Juan Aviation Llc at Wilmington, DE Oct/Nov 2014
N811SF Llc at Mesa, AZ from Nov14; Survival Flight Inc
52071 1994 CA C-FVEF : Canadian Helicopters at Goose Bay
52075 1994 US N83LP : Panther Helicopters Inc at Belle Chasse, LA Nov12
52080 1994 US N57SN : to N457T
US N457T : El Paso Energy Service Co at Houston, TX from Sep04, to+
US N70LP : Panther Helicopters from Mar13
52081 EC PN-113 : Policia Ecuador; w/o 17aug05
US N852RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA Dec06
52083 1994 US N2235W : Bell, test serial C-FOEP
US N404MP : Metro Dade Police Dept at Miami, FL (MDPD) 1994-2011
US N404MP : GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Dec11
52084 1994 US N20TV : Helicopters Inc at Linden, NJ Feb03
52085 1994 US N405MP : Miami Dade Police Dept (MDPD) at Doral, FL Apr95-2007?,+
US N405LP : GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Jan10
52086 1994 US N406MP : Miami Metro Dade Police Dept (MDPD) 1995?-2008
US N406MP : GM Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA from Dec08
52088 1994 US N54AJ : to XC-JCI
MX XC-JCI, : Gov 1994-1997, to N4CQ
US N4CQ : Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL from Aug97; Jun19 still
52095 1994 US N487TJ : USA; N961SC ntu
US N75TV : Air Sansone at Linden, NJ Nov02-Sep16
US N75TV : Helicopters Inc at Wilmington, DE from Sep16
52096 1994 MY 9M-BCA : Malaysia ntu, Bell serial N87680
JP N41062 : Mitsui Texas Aug/Dec 1994
JP JA6148 : Kyoto police from Dec04
52097 1994 BR PT-YMP : Leuman Taxi Aereo, Brazil Feb96
SV YS-1005P : El Salvador, to N246BH
US N246BH : Park Avenue Group at Stuart, FL from Jul15
Oct15-Feb16, sold Bell 206 1994; Last Annual c/w May15;+
CH HB-ZAV : Helvetica Jet Service SA Oct/Dec 2018
52098 1994 MX XA-SYK : SACSA, test serial N41138
US N68964 : Bell Helicopters Oct96-May98
AR LQ-YSA : Policia Cordoba, ex XA-SYK; PR-CBT ntu
Jan02 Policia Cordoba pictured (pic1) at Villa Carlos P+
206lt conv to 206LT unk; prob by Tridair to Gemini ST/206L4ST+
AR LV-YSA : pictured (pic2) at La Matanza during Encuentro Helicop+
pictured (pic3) at Pinamar airfield, Buenos Aires Prov+
52099 1994 US N125NH : reg Oct94; 1996 appear on movie Eraser as a New York C+
Sightseeing flights from East 34th Street
US N2AQ : Helicopters Inc from Feb98
Oct05 noted with Metro Traffic and WSB Radio, Atlanta, +
52100 1994 US N4114D : Bell
US N38VG : to N42F
US N42F : Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ Sep00-Sep16
US N42F : Helicopters Inc at Wilmington, DE from Sep16
52106 AU VH-RHC : Australia, to P2-HFZ
PG P2-HFZ : Helifix PNG; w/o 15feb15 Bobcat-1, Wabo area NW Kerema,+
52107 1995 US N3NJ : NJSP Dec94-Jun12
US N6NJ : State of New Jersey Jun12-Jun14; NJSP from Jun14
01jan17 over the Meadowlands / Lyndhurst
52114 1994 MX XC-JCS : Mexico, to N429HA
US N429HA : to N71HM
US N71HM : Summit Helicopter at Cloverdale, VA from Feb13
US N71HM : Helimax Aviation
52117 1995 US N175AL : Air Logistics
US N178RL : RLC from Nov08
52120 1995 AR LQ-WML : Policia Cordoba 1995-2010
AR LV-WML : Gobierno de Cordoba ?, rtn to Police
BR PR-HLB : IBAMA from 2010; w/o 26sep11 at Itaituba. Tail rotor fa+
52123 1995 US N2036F : Bell Helicopter Textron Inc at Fort Worth, TX Jan11
52124 1995 US N8159Z : Bell, test serial C-FEXW
MY 9M-BCM : Malaysia, to N2GQ
UK G-ECAW : AJ Walter Aviation Ltd Aug99-Aug00
US N83U : Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ from Aug00; Dec18 at West+
52127 1995 US N206DB : Air Logistics Apr95-Feb10
US N206DB : Bristow Feb10-Mar14
US N206DB : Bank of Utah Trustee Mar14-Dec18
US N206DB : Meridian Helicopters Llc at Broussard, LA from Dec18
US N206DB : Southern Utah University (SUU) at Cedar City, UT from M+
52128 1995 BR PT-YJP : Brazil private Sep98, test serial N82690
US N50AJ : USA Jan00
US N64TV : Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ Sep00-Apr08
US N3QN : Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ Sep00-Oct14
US N38BZ : Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ from Oct14
52132 1995 CA C-FVSU : Bell Canada Jun/Aug 1995, N98867 ntu
KE 5Y-BKR : Kenya, to N340AJ
US N340AJ : Yorkshire Helicopters at Wilmington, DE Mar07-Jan10
UK G-PTOO : P2 Air Ltd from Feb10
pictured deparing Tatenhill Aviation
52133 1995 CO PNC-0923 : Policia d/d as PNC-123, Bell serial N2133Y Jun/Sep 1995
Feb18 still in service, helicopter destroyed in 2013 wa+
52134 CO PNC-0924 : Policia d/d as PNC-124, Bell serial N2123P; w/o 23dec13+
52136 1995 JP JA6171 : Osaka police Dec95-Jun14, test serial N2123E
AU VH-EGD : Hawker Pacific from Apr15
52137 1995 US N35NR : Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GADNR), test s+
52138 MX XA-TBF : SACSA; Bell serial N20987; to XC-PBC
MX XC-PBC : Mexico; ex XA-TBF
52142 1995 US N64080 : Bell Helicopter Aug95-May96
IN VT-PHD : Pawan Hans from May96
52143 1995 US N88EA : Bell
US N225GP : N144BJ ntu; reser N225GH
US N225GH : Textron Financial Corp
52144 JP JA6172 : Niigata Prefectural Police Nov95-Jul02; w/o 12jun02
52145 JP JA6173 : Kanagawa police Nov95-2011, test serial N64050
52146 1995 US N176AL : Air Logistics Sep95, Bell Canada C-FOFE
US N176AL : Bristow from Jun98
52147 1995 JP N64049 : Mitsui Bussan Aerospace Sep/Nov 1995
JP JA6174 : Fukuoka Prefectural Police from Nov95
52148 MX XA-TFI : SACSA; ex N8069F; to N194AL
US N194AL : Bristow US 2006-2011
52150 1995 US N187H : Helicopter Aviation Services Corp at Mount Pleasant, PA+
MY 9M-BCT : Hornbill Skyways, Malaysia; w/o 25jul05 impact mountain+
52154 1995 US N8060V : Bell Helicopter
BR PT-YBQ : GARP do Brasil Ltd from Mar02,
US N154MW : Chase Equipment Leasing Inc at Columbus, OH 2005-2011
JP Morgan Chase Bank at Columbus, OH Jul11-Feb12
Air Methods Feb12-Mar14
US N154MW : San Juan Aviation Llc at Wilmington, DE Mar/Sep 2014
US N114SF : N114SF Llc at Mesa, AZ from Nov14; Survival Flight Inc+
52156 1995 US N60LH : Air Medical Services Llc at Glendale, AZ Nov16
52159 1996 US N9217Z : Bell Helicopter Feb/May 1996
IN VT-PHE : Pawan Hans from May96
52166 1996 US N631JA : Total Aviation Corp at Brooklyn, NY Jul18
52170 1996 RO YR-RAP : Romania, Bell serial N6275S
CA C-GWWQ : 206lt Ascent Helicopters from Jan10, conv to 206LT type
52174 1996 US N6257M : Bell
MY 9M-EKE : Malaysia, to N482TJ
US N482TJ : Summit Helicopters at Cloverdale, VA Jun98?
US N482TJ : TS Aviation at Worland, WI Sep06-Feb11
US N482TJ : Sky Aviation Corp at Worland, WY from Mar11
52175 1996 MY 9M-EKF : Malaysia, test serial N45895
US N483TJ : USA Jun98
US N119SP : Minnesota DPS Dec99-Dec17
US N119NP : Billings Flying Service at Billings, MT Feb/Apr 2018
US N59AJ : Billings Flying Service at Billings, MT from Apr18
52176 1996 MY 9M-EKG : Malaysia, test serial N62573
US N484TJ : USA, to N60SM
US N60SM : Long Ranger Llc at Seattle, WA Mar/Jul 2004
CA C-FTHU : Talon Helicopters at Richmond, BC from Aug04; news CTV+
52177 1996 MY 9M-EKH : Malaysia 1996-1998
US N485TJ : USA, Jun98-Feb99
US N121LP : Panther Helicopters from Feb99
pictured at Southern Seaplane Airport in Belle Chasse,+
52179 1996 US N40TV : Tennessee Valley Authority at Muscle Shoals, AL Oct96-+
US N40TV : Apr/Sep 2016, sold Longranger 206L-4 1996; One Owner/O+
52182 1996 US N1188A : Bell, test serial C-GBUK
US N413ML : M And M Limited Liability Co at Las Vegas, NV
Bank Of Utah Trustee Dec10-Sep11
CL CC-APP : Inversiones Santa Francisca, Chile; w/o 31mar15 near Co+
52184 1996 US N556R : Rogers Group Inc at Nashville, TN Feb12
52185 DE D-HLPY : Heli AG 2011-2012, test serial C-GLZY
LU LX-HRG : Luxembourg
52191 1997 GT TG-MAG : Guatemala, Bell serial N86549
US N178AL : Air Logistics at New Iberia, LA Jun01-Apr07
NG 5N-BJR : Bristow Nigeria, 2010?
US N6QP : Helicopters Inc at Cahokia, IL from Mar12
52192 1996 US N192RL : Rotorcraft Leasing Co Llc at Broussard, LA Oct03
52193 1997 US N12JW : Ruffwood Inc at Atlanta, GA Aug97
52195 1997 US N91LT : Airmd Llc at Wichita, KS Aug12
52197 JP JA33MP : Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō from Nov97, test s+
52198 1997 BR PT-YEL : Helisul, Bell serial N6592X Aug97-Feb98
52199 1997 MX XC-JDI : Gobierno Mexico, test serial N6322H
US N11TV : Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ Jan02-Apr10
US N7QN : Air Sansone Llc at Linden, NJ from Apr10
52203 1998 US N36R : N6376Z ntu; USA, to N117HP
US N117HP : San Nicolas Inc at Dover, DE Jan11-Jun02
MX XC-UJY : Mexico Gov; Agencia Federal de Investigaciones (AFI) ; +
52204 1998 GT TG-BER : Guatemala 1998-2008, Bell serial N42664
US N304CP : Southern Helicopters Inc at Sunshine, LA Apr08-May14
US N304CP : JR Helicopters Leasing Llc at Umatilla, OR May/Dec 2014
US N304CP : Helicopter Exchange Ltd at Collyville, TX Dec14-Jan15
KR HL9307 : South Korea from Jan15
Oct18-Jan19, sold Longranger 206L-4 1998; 4,199 flight+
52205 1998 US N94PD : Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) from Oct98, Bell s+
52206 1998 US N95PD : Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) from Oct98, Bell s+
52209 JP JA31MP : Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō from Nov98, test s+
52214 US N82412 : Bell Dec98-Mar99
NI YN-ISA : Helinica / Nicaragua SA; w/o 17nov15 Near Santa-Fe brid+
52218 1999 US N396JS : Airmd Llc at Wichita, KS Aug11

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