Bell 505 Jet Ranger X


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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
65002 2014 CA C-FTVI : Bell Canada from 03nov14, pictured (pic1)and video duri+
10nov14 first flight
20feb15 pictured (pic2) with new orange livery and 50 f+
Jul15 pictured (pic3) during high altitude tests in Lea+
Oct15 FTV1 reaches 300 flight hours
US - : Sep16 pictured (pic4) as maintenance training device at+
65003 2015 CA C-FTVN : Bell Canada reg 05feb15; 23feb15 pictured (top) on firs+
Green Flight Test Vehicle No 2; Mar15 pictured (bot) at+
Oct15 FTV2 reaches 120 flight hours
65004 2015 CA C-FTVQ : Bell Canada, Purple Flight Test Vehicle No 3 f/f 16jul1+
Oct15 FTV3 reaches 50 flight hours
01mar16 on display at Heli-Expo 2016
01nov16 pictured during visit to National Helicopters +
65011 2017 CA C-FUPD : Bell Canada from Jan17; 26jan17 pictured (pic1) in fi+
08feb17 pictured (pic2) arriving at Bell Training Acade+
CA C-GHPD : Bell Canada from Feb17
65012 2017 CA C-FURX : Bell Canada from Feb17; 09feb17 pictured (pic1) in firs+
CA C-GNNP : Bell Canada from Feb17; Mar17 pictured (pic2) at HeliEx+
65013 2017 CA C-FUSD : Bell Canada from Feb17
CA C-FJLB : Bell Canada from Feb17; 07mar17 pictured on display at +
65014 2017 CA C-GZQC : Bell Canada from Feb/Jun 2017, test serial C-FUSP
US N505FW : Bell from Jul17; 18jun18 pictured during visit to Safra+
65015 2017 CA C-FUTF : Bell Canada from Feb17
65019 2017 CA C-FVYM : Bell Canada May/Sep 2017
CL ? : Eagle Copters South America from Sep17
65020 2017 CA C-FWIU : Bell Canada May/Aug 2017
CL ? : Eagle Copters South America from Sep17
65026 JP JA181A : Coast Guard Mar18
65027 JP JA182A : Coast Guard
65028 JP JA183A : Coast Guard
65032 JP JA184A : Coast Guard
65033 MX XA-BER : Redwings from Apr18, test serial C-FYKZ, First Mexican +
65050 2018 NZ ZK-IJX : Tukituki Bay Farm Ltd at Auckland, NZ from Mar18; pictu+
mockup US mockup : Bell 505 mockup; 27mar14 pictured (pic1) at Santiago du+
19oct15 pictured (pic2) at ATMC 2015, Long Beach, CA
31aug16 pictured (pic3) on display at LABACE 2016
17 C/N.

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