Bell 205

Bell TH-1H Iroquois

Basic trainer for the USAF based on the HUEY II. In December 2004, Lockheed Martin began modification of the existing UH-1H into the new TH-1H type. The first aircraft was rolled out on July 2005 and the first two were released to the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) in May. A TH-1H simulator is placed at Fort Rucker, Alabama

  TH-1H Iroquois News

Learning to Fly. From C-130 to MH-139

Learning to Fly. From C-130 to MH-139

26-Mar-22 - USAF Reserve C-130 Hercules pilots from the 908th Airlift Wing at Maxwell AFB are learning to fly again but now in helicopter. The 908th will become the training unit for the new air force helicopter MH-139A Grey Wolf #pilot
USAF 58th Operations Group

USAF 58th Operations Group

05-Sep-21 - US Air Force 58th Operations Group (58 OG), part of the 58th Special Operations Wing at Kirtland AFB, NM has 5 subordinate squadrons for pilots and crew training in special ops and combat search and rescue (CSAR) from fixed-wing to tilt-rotor to helicopters #SERE
USAF First Helicopter-Only Trained Pilots

USAF First Helicopter-Only Trained Pilots

28-Jun-21 - U.S. Air Force graduates first pilots from helicopter-only training since 1993. The first “Helicopter Training Next” (HTN) class went directly to Fort Rucker for TH-1 course instead of having a six-month period on T-6 Texan #HelicopterOnly
USAF TH-1H Overhaul at Robins AFB

USAF TH-1H Overhaul at Robins AFB

17-Oct-20 - Robins AFB 563rd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron completed a proof-of-concept overhaul of a Bell TH-1H Huey II trainer helicopter. The Warner Robins Air Logistics Complex (WR-ALC) provides Programmed Depot Maintenance to a variety of aircraft
Erickson to Support USAF HH-60G and TH-1H

Erickson to Support USAF HH-60G and TH-1H

01-Nov-19 - Erickson awarded 7-year contract for maintenance and modifications of HH-60G Pave Hawk, TH-1H Huey II, and UH-1H Huey helicopters used by the US Special Forces #Maintenance
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  List of Operators of TH-1H Iroquois

Years Model Org
2005-    usa US Air Force

Construction Numbers

C/N Year History
12756 US 70-16451
12991 US 71-20167
13094 US 71-20270
13152 US 71-20328
13183 US 72-21484
13270 US 72-21571
13435 US 73-21747
13464 US 73-21776
13473 US 73-21785
13481 US 73-21793
13550 US 73-22067
13616 US 73-22133
13630 US 74-22306
13635 US 74-22311
13676 US 74-22352
13693 US 74-22369
13725 US 74-22401
13748 US 74-22424
13752 US 74-22428
13787 US 74-22463
13826 US 74-22502

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