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Bell TH-1H Iroquois


Basic trainer for the USAF based on the HUEY II. In December 2004, Lockheed Martin began modification of the existing UH-1H into the new TH-1H type. The first aircraft was rolled out on July 2005 and the first two were released to the Air Education and Training Command (AETC) in May. A TH-1H simulator is placed at Fort Rucker, Alabama

Model News

TH-1H reaches first student training flight milestone, 03-Oct-08 : Robins Air Force Base, GA by Holly Birchfield 78 ABW/PA - - Robins is celebrating the TH-1H's rising success.

First TH-1H Huey Trainer Delivered to USAF, 11-Nov-05 : US Helicopter, a division of Bell, announced delivery of the first TH-1H training helicopter to the U.S. Air Force at Randolph AFB, Texas

Air Force introduces new helicopter for pilot training, 28-Oct-05 : RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas by Capt. Gideon McClure, AETCNS -- The Air Force will rollout the TH-1H helicopter at the home of Pilot Instructor Training and Headquarters Air Education and Training Command on Nov. 5 in conjunction with the base's 75th Anniversary and 2005 Air Show.

List of Operators of Bell TH-1H Iroquois

From Organisation with model TH-1H Iroquois
usa US Air Force
    24 2005/   

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Construction Numbers

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12756 US 70-16451 : uh-1h US Army
US 70-16451 : USAF 2005, conv to TH-1H; Mar14 23 FTS /FR
13094 US 71-20270 : USAF. UH-1H conv to TH-1H; 14apr08 pictured at 23 FTS F+
13435 US 73-21747 : uh-1h US Army; cnvt to UH-1V
uh-1v type UH-1V after service Army to USAF TH-1H
US 73-21747 : USAF; 10-15apr18 TH-1H type at SUN n FUN 2018
13473 US 73-21785 : USAF, UH-1H conv to TH-1H; Mar14 23 FTS /FR
13616 US 73-22133 : USAF. 1st UH-1H conv to TH-1H; 07nov05 pictured at Rand+
13630 US 74-22306 : uh-1h US Army; 1995 D/1-223Avn./06B
US 74-22306 : USAF, UH-1H conv to TH-1H; 2008 23 FTS
13725 US 74-22401 : USAF, UH-1H conv to TH-1H; 2011 23 FTS
13826 US 74-22502 : USAF. UH-1H conv to TH-1H
Nov12 23 FTS, Cairns Field, Ft. Rucker, AL
8 C/N.