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  • Bell V-280 Valor

    Derived from V-22 Osprey

    Videos of Bell V-280 Valor

    Bell V-280 Valor for the US Army FLRAA competition demonstrates its agility
    Bell V-280 Valor tilt-rotor completes external cargo loads and tests new mission equipment integration
    Bell partner for future US Army aviation with the V-280 Valor
    Bell helicopters manufacturing evolution
    Tilt-rotor Bell V-280 for FLRAA delivering results beyond expectation. Reimagined vertical lift
    Army higher speeds future tiltrotor v-280
    V-280 low speed agility testing
    V-280 Valor fast rope
    PDAS pilot view V-280 Valor
    V-280 Valor Arlington first year
    Bell V-280 Valor first cruise flight
    Bell V-280 Joint Multi-Role Tiltrotor Flown by Army Test Pilot at Amarillo Texas
    V-280 80 knots
    V-280 First Flight
    V-280 Conversion 75 90
    Bell V-280 Valor ground test
    Future Vertical Lift: Opportunities For Innovation
    Bell V-280 Mock-up Build Timelapse
    Bell V-280 Valor unveiled

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