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  • Boeing-Vertol 234

    Derived from 114


    Boeing built a total of 13 Model 234 civil Chinook helicopters; 6 for British Airways Helicopters (BAH), 3 for Helikopter Services AS in Norway, 1 for Atlantic Richfield (ARCO), Alaska, and 3 for the Taiwanese Army. One BAH machine was written off in a crash in 1986, the remaining five being sold to CHI. Donald Trump briefly owned the single ARCO machine before selling it to Columbia Helicopters Intl. C-FHFH was a CHI machine leased to Helifor when it was written off in a crash in 1997. CHI now owns 8 of the 13 Boeing 234s produced. The Taiwanese Army transferred its three to the Taiwan Forest Service who further leased them to Air Asia for passenger, cargo, SAR, and fire-fighting work.

    234 News

    Coulson RADS-L for Columbia Model 234, 08-Mar-23 : Heli-Expo 2023 Columbia Helicopters offering Coulson Aviation RADS-L Delivery firefighting system for Model 234 Chinook helicopters operators

    Columbia Model 234 Chinook Firefighters in Turkey, 18-Aug-21 : #chinook Columbia Helicopters in partnership with CMC Savunma Sanayi AS awarded contract for 2 firefighters Model 234 Chinooks helicopters for the Turkish fire season. It is their first contract in Turkey

    Columbia Multi-Mission Helicopter Program, 24-Mar-21 : #Chinook Columbia Helicopters offering the Model 234 Chinook heavy-lift helicopter to support customers’ multi-mission requirements

    Armor Kit For Columbia Boeing 234 Chinooks, 27-Feb-18 : Heli-Expo 2018 LifePort, a Sikorsky company, delivered cabin and cockpit floor armor kits for Columbia Helicopters’ Model 234, the commercial equivalent to the Boeing CH-47 Chinook

    Columbia Helicopters Chinooks Real Time Awareness, 22-Feb-17 : Columbia Helicopters has selected SkyTrac Flight Data Monitoring to improve real time awareness on their Boeing Vertol 234 Chinook missions

    Derivatives & Versions

    234ER 1978 One built for Atlantic Richfield (ARCO), Alaska for oil platform support. Sold to Donald Trump for Trump Airlines. Later sold to Colmbia Helico ...
    234LR 1980 Six built for British Airways Helicopters (BAH) and two built for Helikopter Services, AS of Norway. One BAH machine w/o in a crash in 1986, the ...
    234UT 1982 Columbia Helicopters Intl conversion of nine 234ER/LR airframes to utility configuration. One lost in crash near Comox, Canada in 1997.
    234MLR 1984 Three built for Taiwan Army (ostensibly to assuage PRC sensibilities about selling a military Chinook to Taiwan). All three transferred to Nation ...
    234Combi 1996 Boeing designed Combi passenger/freight version of 234. None built.

    List of Operators of Boeing-Vertol 234

    From Organisation with model 234
    united kingdom British Airways Helicopters
        234LR 6 1981/86
    norway Helikopter Service
        234LR 3 1984/95
    usa Columbia Helicopters
    papua new guinea CHI Papua New Guinea
        234LR 2 1989/   
    ecuador ICARO, S.A.
        234UT 1 1995/   
    taiwan Taiwan National Airborne Services Corps
        234MLR 3 2004/15
    Construction Numbers on database of 234 or its versions