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    Sikorsky / Boeing proposal for the US Army FLRAA competition

    Defiant X News

    Defiant X Coming Earlier than Expected, 09-Sep-21 : #DefiantX Sikorsky-Boeing team announced will deliver Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) proposal early to the US Army while continuing to conduct flight tests and expand SB>1 Defiant’s flight envelope

    Defiant X Competitive Demonstration, 18-Apr-21 : #DefiantX The Sikorsky / Boeing Defiant X to continue to the Competitive Demonstration and Risk Reduction (CD&RR) phase. Defiant X is competing in the U.S. Army’s Future Long Range Assault Aircraft Program (FLRAA) against the Bell V-280 Valor

    Sikorsky-Boeing Announced Defiant X, 25-Jan-21 : #DefiantX The Sikorsky / Boeing team announced Defiant X as its proposal for the US Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft (FLRAA) competition. Will compete against a derivative of the Bell V-280 Valor in 2022

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