Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra

Bell Firewatch Cobra



Bell Firewatch Cobra

Former US Army attack helicopters equipped with infrared sensors for firefighting support. They have a communications downlink to the ground command post for real time video and GIS mapping

List of Operators of Bell Firewatch Cobra

From Organisation with model Firewatch Cobra
usa US Forest Service
    209 AH-1 Cobra 2003/   

Construction Numbers

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20483 US 67-15819 : ah-1g US Army
US N819AH : private at Millington, MI Jul14-Dec15
Northwest Helicopters at Olympia, WA from Jan16
20854 US 69-16422 : ah-1g US Army; conv AH-1F; to civ
US N109Z : USFS from 2003; conv FireWatch Cobra; ex 69-16422
USFS, at Hansen Dam Park
at Inyokern, CA
at Camarillo, CA
22342 US 83-24194 : ah-1s US Army; conv AH-1F; to civ
US N107Z : USFS from Apr04; conv FireWatch Cobra
3 C/N.

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