Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra


Bell 209 AH-1 Cobra

The AH-1 HueyCobra, the first true gunship put into production, rushed into service during the Vietnam War and remained the backbone of the US Army attack helicopter fleet until it was replaced by the AH-64 Apache during the 1980s.

A twin engine variant, known as the Sea Cobra, was soon adopted by the USMC too and as of 2010, remains in production in the far more sophisticated AH-1Z variant.

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Derivatives & Versions

AH-1G Cobra 1965
AH-1J Sea Cobra 1969 The AH-1J Sea Cobra was developed for the USMC as a twin engine variant based on a desire for improved safety and redundancy for over-water opera ...
AH-1E Cobra 1970
AH-1T Super Cobra 1974
AH-1S Cobra 1976 The US Army upgraded the AH-1G (and its modernization AH-1Q and AH-1R ) with a three step program called AH-1S. - Production AH-1S ( AH-1S Pr ...
AH-1F Cobra 1979
Fuji AH-1S 1980 Fuji acquired a license to build the Bell AH-1S attack helo for JGSDF. 92 AH-1S were built with provision for 8 TOW missiles and with Ichihara en ...
AH-1W Super Cobra 1986
AH-1Z Viper 2000 Part of the H-1 upgrade program the twin engine AH-1Z ( Bell 449 ) was developed from the AH-1W Super Cobra as the new US Marines's attack helic ...
Firewatch Cobra 2003 Former US Army attack helicopters equipped with infrared sensors for firefighting support. They have a communications downlink to the ground com ...

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