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126-0063D 1976 US N8356F : Patriot Aviation from Oct13
170069D US N8357F : Temsco Helicopters Inc at Ketchikan, AK
37-0097D 1977 CA C-GYAJ : Terr-Air Rotary 1978-1984; Sep80 pictured at Vancouver +
Rilpa Enterprices Jul86-Sep10
US N519PA : Patriot Aviation from Sep10
57-0126D 1977 US N8618F : Collier Mosquito Control District (CMCD) at Naples, FL +
57-0141D 1977 CA C-GCKV : Blackcomb Hughes 369D type Nov00-Mar02
570142D 1977 US N8612F : Hi Line Helicopters Inc at Darrington, WA
US N8612F : Gulf Helicopters Llc at Santa Fe, TX from Jun18
77-0160D US N8620F : c/n 770160D
US N44NW : to N8620F
US N8620F : Omega Air at Long Beach, CA
US N8620F : Timberline Helicopters at Sandpoint, ID from Jan19
87-0173D 1977 US N8671F : San Diego County Sheriff Dept (SDCO); 17mar95 pictured +
US N255SP : private at Brookings, OR ~2001
US N556AC : Ac Odyssey Llc at Bellevue, WA from Jul11
87-0174D US N8672F : California Highway Patrol (CHP) Mar78-Mar82; fate unk
87-0184D 1977 US N8673F : to N102CW
US N102CW : Collier Mosquito Control District (CMCD) at Naples, FL +
107-0187D 1977 US N58191 : Temsco from jul1978
117-0193D VE YV-261C : Venezuela, to Surinam
SR SAF-100 : Surinam from 1982; w/o 31mar82, 4 fatalites
107-0217D HN FAH-902 : Honduras Air Force
117-0230D 1977 US N131AL : Quicksilver from 2009
127-0249D 1977 CA C-GSZT : Viking Helicopters 1978- 1984
jan81 pictured at Vancouver International airport.
18-0256D 1977 US N8653F : to N666LM
US N666LM : private at Frostproof, FL Jul02-Nov08
US N555JC : C F M C Inc at Tampa, FL from Dec09
Haverfield International Inc at Gettysburg, PA from May+
48-0298D 1978 US N240FL : AIR2 from 2002 previous id N700VH
US N58243 : Paradise Helicopters at Honolulu, HI; w/o 19nov80; canc+
crashed during filming TV series Magnum P.I.
108-0360D CO HK-2175 : Helicargo; w/o 11jan07 hit a tree near San Luis
89-0468 IL 201 : ex N58394.
IAF, w/o 11dec84
US N58394 : to Israel AF as 369MD Defender 201
89-0469 IL 202 : IAF, preserved Ramat David Tech School by May03
89-0470 IL 203 : IAF, str by jun99
49-0491D NZ ZK-HOJ : Helilink, op for Department of Conservation; w/o 18oct1+
49-0495D US N58315 : Temsco
59-0497D 1979 CA C-GLOG : Keystone Helicopters Ltd at Atlin, BC, canc Jul82
E.M. Heli-Logistics Ltd at Langey, BC 1988
US N5225C : Olympic Air Inc at Shelton, WA from Mar02; 22jul14 cra+
49-0505D 1979 CA C-GIFZ : Rilpa Enterprices Aug/Sep09 to N520PA
US N520PA : Patriot Aviation Sep09 - Nov12 to new owner
US N520PA : Airborne Aviation from Nov12
59-0510D 1979 VE YV-241CP : Hughes 369D, cn 590510D, ff:1979; del Venezuela as YV-2+
US N214CR : xfer USA as N214CR, unk
US N59RF : xfer National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration [NOA+
US N46662 : xfer USA as N46662, unk
59-0517D 1979 GT TG-NUK : Guatemala, to N611WA
US N611WA : Windward Aviation at Puunene, HI 2001-Nov11
CA C-GNTQ : Heli Source Ltd from Nov11
16nov12 pictured at Red Deer airport, Alberta
59-0521D 1979 US N500TN : AIR2 from 2004 previous id C-GTZQ
109-0533D IL 207 : IAF, 1997 on sale
79-0543D 1979 US N779FA : USA, to SE-HNO
SE SE-HNO : Sweden 1984, to Germany
HeliAir Sweden 2010-2012
DE D-HERD : Deutscher Helikopter Dienst at Ochtendung; to N343M
US N343M : Pacific Aircraft Trading Llc at Wilmington, DE 06-18 M+
FI OH-HNO : Heliwest Oy, Finland; w/o 19apr16 at Corte, Haute-Corse+
89-0550D IL 204 : IAF, 2002 preserved at Museum Hatzerim
109-0551D IL 205 : IAF, str by Jun99
119-0552D IL 206 : IAF, str by Jun99
89-0559D 1979 ZA ZS-HXN : South Africa, ex N58334
US N338HW : private at Houston, TX Nov12-May13
Heliwild Investments Llc at Austin, TX from May13; w/o +
09-0569D IL 208 : IAF, sold
109-0570D IL 209 : IAF, str by 1999
0571 IL 210 : IAF, now as Gate Guardian
109-0582D 1979 US N58337 : Temsco from 1982
99-0584D 1979 AU VH-BHI : Australia, to P2-PHW
PG P2-PHW : Papua New Guinea, to VH-PLI
AU VH-PLI : Aeropower Pty Ltd from Oct97
109-0592D US N58402 : Phoenix Police (PHXPD), to N511SB
US N511SB : Wells Fargo Bank from Dec05
109-0593D 1979 US N58424 : Evergreen
109-0593D US N58424 : Phoenix Police (PHXPD)
US N58424 : Evergreen, noted May06
109-0596D 1979 MX XC-DAF : Mexico gov, to HMR-402
MX HMR-402 : Mexican Navy, to N2098N
US N2098N : USA from May96
Helicopter Leasing Inc at Wilmington, DE Mar01-Oct07
NZ ZK-HOT : New Zealand Oct08-Jan12, unk
NZ ZK-IRA : PHL from Feb12
0597 IL 211 : IAF 500MD Lahatoot, w/o 08oct80 hit power cables near +
110-0598D IL 212 : IAF
119-0599D IL 213 : IAF, str by Jun99
0615 IL 214 : IAF, w/o oct83
129-0616D IL 215 : IAF, str by 1998
40-0617D IL 217 : IAF, 1997 on sale
119-0621D AR H-37 : built by RACA; preserved Mariano Moreno airbase
119-0622D TW AP001 :
129-0633D AU VH-XTX : 16jun93 w/o ex ZK-HVL
10-0634D 1979 US N58436 : to N81GG
US N81GG : private at Honolulu, Hawaii; w/o 16nov16 at Puko`o Gulc+
0642 IL 216 : IAF, c/n to be confirmed; w/o unk;
50-0643D IL 218 : IAF, 1997 on sale
50-0644D IL 219 : IAF, 1997 on sale
50-0645D IL 220 : IAF 500MD Lahatoot, w/o 06may91
10-0648D US N58432 : California Highway Patrol (CHP) Jul80-Aug83; fate unk
60-0666D IL 221 : IAF, str by 1998
60-0667D IL 222 : IAF, str by 1998
70-0668 IL 223 : IAF, str by 1998
0669 IL 224 : IAF, w/o 06may91
300678D 1980 US N68GS : USA, canc Mar96, test serial N1088L
CA C-GRJR : Whl Whistler Helicopters Ltd at Whislter, BC Mar/May 19+
Lakelse Air Ltd at Terrace, BC Jun97-Feb11
DE D-HARY : Germany 2011
SE SE-JVI : Visimind AB / First European Aviation Company Spz; w/o +
80-0684 IL 225 : IAF, str by 1998
80-0685D IL 226 : IAF 500MD Lahatoot, w/o 07nov83
80-0686D IL 242 : IAF, 1992 preserved Hatzerim Museum
90-0687D IL 254 : IAF, 1998 preserved Hatzerim Museum
40-0694D 1980 US N518PA : Patriot Aviation from Jun13
30-0700D 1980 US N1091W : Last Frontier Air Adventures Ltd at Sutton, AK Mar06-Ju+
CA C-GMDT : K & M Ventures Ltd Jul08-Dec12
CA C-FYAP : Bighorn Helicopters at Cranbrook, BC from Dec12; w/o 05+
50-0701D 1980 US N3NT : Silver State Helicopters from 2002 toward N503SH
US N503SH : AIR2 ex N3NT
50-0702D FI OH-HWH : Heliwest Oy; ex G-HEWT,D-HSUR,CS-HCU
40-0710D 1980 US N11122 : Tropic Helicopters from Nov14
400710D 1980 US N11122 : ZK-HOP ntu
CH HB-XKS : Fuchs Robert Apr86-Feb87
IT I-COLA : Italy, rtn to N11122
CI TU-THN : Ivory Coast, rtn to N11122
UK N11122 : Eastern Atlantic Helicopters at Wilmington, DE Jul12-De+
GU N11122 : Tropic Helicopters at Hagatna, Guam from Nov14
50-0718D FI OH-HLA : Heliwest Oy; ex OY-HSA, SE-HLA
0720D 1980 US N500DG : to N812CE
US N812CE : Southern California Edison (SCE) from Jun86; w/o 06sep0+
100-0722D IL 282 : IAF, 1998 preserved Hatzerim Museum
100-0723D IL 299 : IAF, 1998 preserved Hatzerim Museum
60-0739D US N1095Q : to N913EG
US N913EG : to ZK-HYY
NZ ZK-HYY : Christchurch Helicopters New Zealand, noted Jul06
Garden of Eden Helicopters New Zealand, noted Nov06-Mar+
NZ ZK-IQQ : Precision Helicopters Ltd; w/o 05feb15 North bank of th+
US N782MH : Mansfield Heliflight Inc at Milton, VT Nov15-May16
US N782MH : Rotor Blade Llc at Pawleys Islands, SC from Sep16
101-0764D AR H-38 : built by RACA; c/n also as A0764D; w/o 28jun89
80-0766D JO 500 : RJAF 5 Sqn
90-0767D JO 501 : RJAF 5 Sqn
10-0768D JO 502 : RJAF 5 Sqn
10-0786D JO 503 : RJAF 5 Sqn
80-0787D JO 504 : RJAF 5 Sqn
101-0798D AR H-39 : built by RACA; c/n also as A0798D; w/o 21aug86
90-0799D AR H-40 : built by RACA; FAA; 12aug12 pictured at FAA airshow at +
90-0807D 1980 US N1102K : USA, to C-GDFF
CA C-GDFF : Les Helicopteres Nordic Ltee at La Sarre, QC Mar87-Feb8+
US N105JL : Western Operations at Rialto, CA from May98; Western He+
100-0812D 1980 US N1103L : Evergreen from 1984
11-0826D JO 505 : RJAF 5 Sqn
100-0830D 1980 US N369BJ : USA Oct80, ex N10963
US N369TH : Evergreen Equity Inc at Mcminnville, OR from Jul89
Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife, op by Mccall Heli+
90-0834D AR H-41 : built by RACA
120-0856D 1980 US N145AL : Quicksilver from 2008
11-0878D JO 506 : RJAF 5 Sqn
11-0882D JO 507 : RJAF 5 Sqn; May96 pictured at Mafraq / King Hussein Air+
110-0886D AR PGH-01 : built by RACA; INAC; UNFICYP
11-0887D 1981 CA C-GLHY : to N24TR
US N24TR : to C-FCSP
CA C-FCSP : Equipement Val Ltee at Roberval, QC Jul88-Jul89
NZ ZK-HMD : New Zealand, to VH-HWD
AU VH-HWD : Australia, to 4X-BJQ
IL 4X-BJQ : Israel, to VH-PLY
AU VH-PLY : Aeropower Pty Ltd; w/o 17jul16 engine failure during po+
21-0897D 1981 US N1107P : Temsco from 1981
21-0898D 1981 US N1107T : Precision Helicopters Inc at Newberg, OR from Jul01-Dec+
US N1107T : Aircraft Guaranty Corp Trustee at Onalaska, TX Jan13-Se+
Aviation Advantage Llc at Tabor City, NC from Oct14; w/+
31-0903D HN FAH-901 : Honduras Air Force

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