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    Sea King HC.6


    As the Merlin HM.1 became more widespread amongst the UK anti-submarine community, the Sea King HAS.6 it was replacing were displaced from front line duties. This gave an opportunity to remove the ASW fit and make other modifications to the HAS.6, to augment the Commando Helicopter Force, which was stretched by simultaneous operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. After conversion work at NASU VL and Fleetlands, the first HC.6s started to appear in spring 2006.

    List of Operators of AgustaWestland Sea King HC.6

    From Organisation with model Sea King HC.6

    Construction Numbers

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    wa 664 1971 UK XV676
    wa 671 1971 UK XV700
    wa 674 1971 UK XV703
    wa 848 1977 UK XZ580
    wa 882 1979 UK XZ922
    5 C/N.