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    hong kong Government Flying Service

    Hong Kong Government

    Del'd: 8 - 1993 to 2006

    Ordered as part of the expansion programme prior to hand over of Hong Kong to Chinese administration. Duties of SAR, port surveillance, CASEVAC and Flying Doctor. By Jan 2004 there were 6 S-76As and 2 S-76Cs in use.

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    760296 s-76a     B-HZA: HKG-14. ex VR-HZA. to 9Y-TJW
    Eagle Copters C-GZIL: Eagle Copters Sep/Nov 2003

    National Helicopter Services Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago 9Y-TJW: NHSL from Sep03, S-76A++ type, pictured

    Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard 9Y-TJW: TTCG
    760295 s-76a 1990     B-HZD: HKG-17, VR-HZD
    Sikorsky Helicopters N76004: Sikorsky, to HKG-17

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GKWT: CHC from Dec03

    Mar14 Nicaragua
    760300 s-76a 1990     B-HZE: HKG-18. ex VR-HZE. to VH-LHN
    Lloyd Helicopters VH-LHN: Lloyd Australia from May03

    CHC Helicopters Australia VH-LHN: CHC Australia from Feb05, RAAF

    Royal Australian Air Force VH-LHN: RAAF Rescue Helicopter op by Lloyd/CHC; pictured (pic1+

    pictured (pic2) at Wagga Wagga Airport

    Kestrel Aviation VH-LHN: Kestrel Aviation from Sep19
    760301 s-76a 1985     B-HZF: HKG-19. ex VR-HZF. to 9Y-TJY
    Eagle Copters C-GZIK: Eagle Copters Sep03-Apr04, conv to S-76A++

    National Helicopter Services Ltd of Trinidad and Tobago 9Y-TJY: NHSL from Apr04

    Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard 9Y-TJY: TTCG, ex C-GZIK, to SAUTT-001

    Trinidad and Tobago Government SAUTT-01: SAUTT from 2004

    Trinidad and Tobago Government MNS-01: MNS from 2011

    Trinidad and Tobago Government NSOC-01: NSOC
    760375 s-76c     B-HZG: HKG-20. ex VR-HZG. to N775AB. to PP-MPM
    Omni Taxi Aereo PP-MPM: Omni; 2002 N775AB; 2011-
    760376 s-76c     B-HZH: HKG-21. ex VR-HZH. to N776AB. to PP-MHM
    760297 s-76a 1990     VR-HZB: HKG-15. to C-GKWS
    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GKWS: CHC Dec95-Nov02

    CHC from Apr06

    Mar14 Nicaragua

    - EP-HCS: Iran 2003-2006, lsd CHC

    Canadian Helicopter Corporation C-GVAS: Vision Air Services at Oakfield, NS from Jun17; at Ha+
    760298 s-76a 1990     VR-HZC: HKG-16, to VR-HZC; conv to S-76A++ type
    - VR-HZC: ex HKG-16, to I-HBAS

    Helitalia SpA I-HBAS: Helitalia, noted 1998, to G-BZAN

    Helitalia SpA G-BZAN: Helitalia Sep/Oct 2000, to N520AL

    - N520AL: canc Jun06, to PK-TVU

    Travira Air PK-TVU: Travira Air, ex N520AL