Eurocopter EC120B
france Eurocopter France

Del'd: 700 - 1995 to 2013

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400th EC120 Delivered, 13-Sep-06 : Eurocopter Marignane delivered the 400th EC120 helicopter since 1998


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1995/13Eurocopter MarignaneMarseille Marignane

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

1451 2006     1451: Eurocopter F-.... unknown to F-OISO
Eurocopter Southeast Asia F-OISO: ESEA Sep06 to 9V-RWC

- 9V-RWC: ST Aerospace Engineering from Oct06

19-24feb08 ST Aerospace Engineering at Singapore Airsho+
1184 2000     F-WQDB: Eurocopter toward SE-JME
osterman helikopter SE-JME: owner unknown ex F-WQDB to new owner

Osterman helikopter from 2006 w/o 28oct09
1215 2001     F-WQDB: Eurocopter; 11may02 pictured as OE-XST at ILA-Berlin-Schonef+
Aerial-Helicopter OE-XST: Aerial Helicopter
1217 2001     F-WQDC: Eurocopter Germany, to D-HKMM
LifeFlight GmbH D-HKMM: LifeFlight GmbH from 2001

16-20may06 at Berlin air show
1144 2000     F-WQDC: 2000 Eurocopter
Eurocopter Germany D-HUAE: Unionair at Ottensoos heliport from Oct00, test serial +

Eurocopter Germany from Sep02

Helicopter Travel Munich D-HUAE: HTM from 2010

- D-HUAE: 31may14 pictured (pic1) (pic2) at Antwerp, Belgium duri+

14oct15 Helicopterflights at Antwerp

- OO-DTE: 12apr17 pictured (pic3) at Beauvechain, Belgium during +
1095 2000     F-WQDH: Eurocopter toward HB-ZCG
Heli-Linth AG HB-ZCG: from 2000 to 2007 ex F-WQDH toward HA-EUR

Fly 4 Less HA-EUR: Fly 4 Less ex HB-ZCG; 16+17aug08 Kecskemet air show
1096 2000     F-WQDK: Eurocopter, to OO-ECB
Noordzee Helikopters Vlaanderen OO-ECB: NHV from 2000

10jul05 pictured at Nordhorn-Klausheide, Germany
1069 1999     F-WQDY: Eurocopter France
Heli Holland PH-RBC: Heli Holland 1999-2002

van der Most beheer PH-RBC: HeliFlights 2002-2010

HeliAir Helikopter Services PH-RBC: HeliAir from Mar16; D-HJVM ntu
1316 2002     F-WQDZ: Eurocopter
Heli Sitterdorf AG HB-ZKQ: Heli Sitterdorf 2010 - Aug11

Heli Sitterdorf from May13

Heli Sitterdorf; 24jan14 at heliport
1147 2000     F-WQOG: Eurocopter France 2000, test serial F-WQDL
- SX-HVF: Ilias Papageorgian Hotel Services from May01

SKF Ltd, op by GreekAir Ltd by 2014, pictured

Greece private by Oct18; all black livery, "Kiss the Fu+
1380 2004     F-WQUJ: Eurocopter France, test serial F-WQDH
- I-ZIAC: Italy private, noted Mar07

- M-GOLD: Wilpot Ltd, Isle of Man Mar13-Oct16

- G-JBBB: Bartram Land Ltd from Nov16
1336 2002     F-WWPO: Eurocopter, to HB-ZEP
Air Glaciers SA HB-ZEP: Air Glaciers Jan03-May17

- HB-ZEP: Héli-Lausanne SA from May17
1397 2005     F-WWXK: Eurocopter toward N526AG
- N526AG: ex F-WWXK toward D-HKDV

- D-HKDV: ex N526AG