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Abu Dhabi Aviation 212

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Abu Dhabi Aviation Now Bell Authorized Service Facility, 13-Nov-17 : Dubai Airshow 2017 Bell Helicopter increased support in the United Arab Emirates by naming Abu Dhabi Aviation as an Authorized Customer Service Facility for the Bell 212 and Bell 412 models

One Million Hours for Abu Dhabi Aviation Bell Fleet, 18-Apr-16 : Abu Dhabi Aviation from United Arab Emirates celebrating 40 years and 1 million hours of operation with Bell helicopters

Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    31227     A6-BAB: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA
    31232 1981     A6-BAC: Abu Dhabi Aviation
- N4770H: USA, to A6-BAC

Asian Aviation Services at Bedford, TX Aug/Mar 1984

Royal Thai Navy 2215: Thai Navy
    30773     A6-BBA: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA; 2003 ADA Spain for forest fire+
    30776 1976     A6-BBB: Abu Dhabi
Wells Fargo bank N212KA: Wells Fargo 2000; ex A6-BBB
    30777     A6-BBC: Abu Dhabi
    30779     A6-BBD: Abu Dhabi; to PK-UHZ
National Utility Helicopters PK-UHZ: NUH Indonesia, ex A6-BBD, to P2-PAH

- P2-PAH: Papua Nueva Guinea
    30783     A6-BBE: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA
    30786     A6-BBF: Abu Dhabi, to P2-PAX
Pacific Helicopters P2-PAX: Pacific Helicopters; canc by 2016

- P2-PAX: 12aug05 seen at Kandahar (OAKN), Afghanistan
    30793 1976     A6-BBG: Abu Dhabi; to P2-PAU
Pacific Helicopters P2-PAU: Pacific Helicopters; ex A6-BBG
    30794     A6-BBH: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA
Alpine Helicopters C-FAHB: Alpine Helicopters
    30789     A6-BBI: Abu Dhabi
    30800 1976     A6-BBJ: Abu Dhabi; w/o 03jun78 crash at sea. 15 fatalities
    30802     A6-BBK: Abu Dhabi
TAF Helicopters A6-BBK: TAF; 2005 as K 20 Bombers firefighting at Ampuriabrava+

    30822     A6-BBL: Abu Dhabi
    30827     A6-BBM: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA
    30651 1974     A6-BBN: Abu Dhabi, to C-FAHZ
- 9M-ATW: Malaysia, to A6-BBN

Alpine Helicopters C-FAHZ: Alpine Helicopters Jan99-Jul02

- N215KA: Wells Fargo Bank from Aug02

San Diego Fire and Rescue, CA. Lsd from Kachina Aviatio+
    30942     A6-BBQ: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 2003 Spain for forest fire fighting code+
    30976     A6-BBR: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 2003 Spain for forest fire fighting code+
    30977     A6-BBS: Abu Dhabi Aviation
    31180     A6-BBT: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA
- EC-GUY: Aviser; ex A6-BBT; w/o 05feb99
    31183     A6-BBU: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA
    31189     A6-BBV: Abu Dhabi Aviation
    32123     A6-BBW: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA
    32124 1980     A6-BBX: Abu Dhabi Aviation, to C-GKTL
Canadian Helicopters C-GKTL: Canadian Helicopters Sep94-Mar95

Great Slave Helicopters C-GKTL: Great Slave Helicopters Apr95-Jun09

VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GKTL: VIH Helicopters Jun/Sep 2009

Great Slave Helicopters C-GKTL: Great Slave Helicopters from Sep09
    32125     A6-BBY: Abu Dhabi Aviation; 1997 ADA

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