2002 to present

Helibras super puma/cougar

From 2002 Helibras assembled Cougars from french-made parts.

On November 21, 2013 took place the first flight of the brazilian-made EC725 at Itajuba, Minas Gerais state

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10,000 Flight Hours for Brazilian Air Force’ Caracal, 27-Sep-17 : The Força Aérea Brasileira 10 Helibras EC725BR / H225M helicopters, called H-36 Caracal, reaches 10,000 flight hours in 6 years of operations. Eight more are scheduled to be delivered to the FAB

Brazilian Navy Received First CSAR H225M, 22-Jun-17 : Helibras delivered the first of three H225M/EC725, named UH-15A Super Cougar, in Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) configuration to the HU-2 Squadron of the Brazilian Navy

Helibras Delivers Two More Caracal, 23-May-17 : Helibras delivered 2 EC725BR / H225M to Brazilian Armed Forces, the 9th to the Army and the 12th to the Air Force. The Navy operates 7. Two more scheduled for this year and number 50 and last by 2022

First Brazilian H225M in Naval Combat Version, 27-Oct-16 : Helibras unveil first Brazilian Navy H225M Caracal armed with 2 MDBA Exocet anti-ship missiles. Five to be delivered between 2018 and 2022

Brazilian Air Force Receives First Operational Caracal, 17-Dec-15 : The Brazilian Air Force (FAB, Força Aérea Brasileira) received the first H-36 Caracal ( EC725 / H225M ) in operational version. 22 of 50 helicopters already delivered

First Stage of Exocet / H225M Integration in Brazil, 03-Dec-15 : Helibras completed the first stage of in-laboratory tests this week to integrate Exocet AM39 missiles with the Naval Mission System developed for the Brazilian Navy’s H225M / EC725

Helibras H225 Simulator receives ANAC Certification, 08-Oct-15 : Helibras H225 helicopter Full Flight Simulator received certification from the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) for courses and training to the offshore market operators.

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Construction Numbers Help Us

C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    ec725 2012     ?: Helibras BRA008 Marinha UH-15 type
Brazilian Navy N-7102: Marinha /02 BRA008 UH-15 type d/d Sep12 HU-2
    2529 as532ue 2002     ?: Helibras c/n AVX001 Army HM-3 type
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-4001: Exercito HM-3 type d/d may02
    2532 as532ue     ?: Helibras c/n AVX002 Army HM-3 type
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-4002: Exercito HM-3 type

2008 2 BatAvEx
    2579 as532ue     ?: Helibras c/n AVX003 Army HM-3 type
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-4003: Exercito HM-3 type
    2586 as532ue     ?: Helibras c/n AVX004 Army HM-3 type
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-4004: Exercito HM-3 type
    2588 as532ue     ?: Helibras c/n AVX005 Army HM-3 type
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-4005: Exercito HM-3 type

2011 Red Cross Colombia
    2595 as532ue     ?: Helibras c/n AVX006 Army HM-3 type
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-4006: Exercito HM-3 type d/d 2003

2008 2 BatAvEx
    2596 as532ue     ?: Helibras c/n AVX007 Army HM-3 type
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-4007: Exercito HM-3 type
    2607 as532ue     ?: Helibras c/n AVX008 Army HM-3 type
Brazilian Army Aviation EB-4008: Exercito HM-3 type
    ec725     ?: Helibras BRA012 Marinha UH-15 type
Brazilian Navy N-7103: Marinha /03 BRA012 UH-15 type Jun14 HU-2
    2891 ec725     ?: Helibras BRA016 Marinha UH-15 type
Brazilian Navy N-7105: Marinha /05 BRA016 UH-15 type Jun14 HU-2
    ec725     ?: Helibras BRA017 Marinha UH-15 type
Brazilian Navy N-7106: Marinha /06 BRA017 UH-15
    2867 ec725     ?: Helibras BRA019 Marinha UH-15 type
Airbus Helicopters France F-ZWDS: 02feb15 seen at Marseilles Brazillian Navy registration+

c/n seems to be 2867, equiped with the APU Option by Ap+

May15 used in Poland Armed Forces tests

11jun15 pictured arriving LeBourget for Paris airshow 2+

Brazilian Navy N-7107: Marinha /07 o/o

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