Bell 205
canada Heli-Inter

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    30288 205A-1 1979     C-FCNV: Heli-Inter; ex LX-HXU
- OE-EXR: Austria; ex C-GLMC

- HB-XXU: EXO Services 1991-1995; to LX-HXU

- LX-HXU: Sapeur pompiers du Var; noted firefighting 2003; to C-+
    30263 205A-1 1978     C-FSMI: Heli-Inter; 2008 firefighting as /26
- YV-O-KWH-2: to Bell as N205HT

Mustang Helicopters C-FSMI: Mustang Helicopters Jun10
    30115 205A-1     C-GFHW: Heli-Inter Sep07-

National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSI: NSCA, to C-GFHW

- C-GFHW: Frontier Helicopters Ltd, noted 1987; Conair, canc 2002

Mustang Helicopters C-GFHW: Mustang Helicopters Nov04-Sep07


VIH Helicopters Ltd C-GVIZ: Vancouver Island Helicopters, canc Jan90; Frontier Heli+
    30185 205A-1 1975     C-GFRE: Heli-Inter Inc at Malartic, QC May02-Nov04
Evergreen Helicopters N90036: Evergreen, canc 1991

- C-GFRE: Frontier Helicopters at Abbotsford, BC Mar/Aug 1991

Conair Aviation at Abbotsford, BC Aug91-Jun94

- EC-FYZ: Viatjes Center Vol Spain Jun94-May96, test serial EC-6+

- C-GFRE: Conair Aviation at Abbotsford, BC May96-Apr02

Mustang Helicopters C-GFRE: Mustang Helicopters from Nov04; Jan16 still
    30119 205A-1 1972     C-GVHP: Heli-Inter; ex N160LA, N688CC