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AgustaWestland Italy AW169

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Inlet Barrier Filters for AW169, 18-Jun-18 : #accessories Donaldson signed an agreement with Leonardo to develop two new Inlet Barrier Filters (IBF) for the AW169

AW169 at Massa Carrara HEMS 2013 Conference, 24-Sep-13 : AgustaWestland, a Finmeccanica company, showcased for the first time the new generation 4.5 tonne-class light intermediate twin engine AW169 at the HEMS 2013 Conference, held in Massa Carrara, Italy.

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    69005 2013     ?: 17jun13 noted at Paris air show in new blank livery, no seri+
    69003 2012     I-AWCF: AgustaWestland; 18jan13 pictured (bot) at Arlington, Texas, +
    69004 2012     I-AWCG: 03oct15 High Elevation Testing at at Central Colorado Region+
    69002 2012     I-AWCK: 24apr14 pictured (pic3) at Yeovil, UK
    69005 2013     I-AWCM: AgustaWestland AW169 prototype AC4 f/f 31jan13
    69002 2012     I-EASF: AgustaWestland AW169 prototype AC1; pictured (pic1) on f/f 1+
    69055 2017     I-EASI: AgustaWestland May17
Specialist Aviation Services G-PICU: SAS from Sep17

UK Air Ambulances G-PICU: Children Air Ambulance, op by SAS; 17jul18 pictured at +
    69010 2015     I-EASI: AgustaWestland; Nov15 in yellow livery and black border wi+
Lease Corporation International EI-FMP: LCI Helicopters Eleven Ltd from 23jun17

Elitaliana / Free Air EI-FMP: Elitaliana from Sep17
    69007 2015     I-LCIA: AgustaWestland ~Oct16
    69003 2012     I-PTFB: AgustaWestland AW169 prototype AC2 f/f 06jul12 pictured (top+
    69007 2015     I-PTFQ: AgustaWestland Jul15
    69006 2015     I-RAIF: AgustaWestland, first production aircraft f/f Mar15; Jun15 i+
Dubai Air Wing ?: Dubai Air Wing o/o
    69004 2012     I-RAIJ: AgustaWestland AW169 prototype AC3 f/f 23nov12 pictured (pic+
    69006 2015     I-RAIK: 07oct15 pictured at London Helitech 2015 in Dubai Air Wing l+
Dubai Air Wing ?: Dubai Air Wing o/o
    69012 2015     I-RAIL: AgustaWestland Dec15
INAER Italia I-BBPE: INAER Italy Dec16; Babcock MCS Italia 2017
    69011 2015     I-RAIM: AgustaWestland, to JA04AP
Mitsui Bussan Aerospace JA04AP: Mitsui Feb16

Aero Asahi Corporation JA04AP: Asahi from Jun16

Japanese Newspapers and News Media JA04AP: Newspaper gathering from 2016, op by Asahi
    69010 2015     I-RAIR: 11jul16 pictured on display at FIA 2016
Lease Corporation International EI-FMP: LCI Helicopters Eleven Ltd from 23jun17

Elitaliana / Free Air EI-FMP: Elitaliana from Sep17
    69009 2015     I-RAIS: AgustaWestland
Linfox VH-FOX: Fox Helicopters Pty Ltd Dec15-May17; Linfox

Linfox VH-LHH: Fox Helicopters Pty Ltd from May17; Linfox
    69014 2016     I-RAIS: AgustaWestland Dec15
Specialist Aviation Services G-KSST: Specialist Aviation Services from 08feb16 for KSSAAT

11feb16 at Redhill Aerodrome

UK Air Ambulances G-KSST: Kent Air Ambulance from Jun16, op by SAS

11oct16 pictured on display at Helitech 2016

In use by Kent, Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance ( KSST ) +
    -     Mock-up: aw169 Mock-up; 09jul12 pictured at Farnborough airshow

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