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Hoist Rescue Training fo CBP Black Hawk, 30-Mar-17 : Priority 1 Air Rescue (P1AR) to deliver Advanced Search and Rescue (SAR) Hoist Rescue Training to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) UH-60 Black Hawk crews

Black Hawk Helicopter Helps Reinforce Borders, 21-Sep-11 : REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. By Amy Guckeen Tolson, Staff Writer Redstone Rocket -- The United States and its borders are safer today thanks to the hard work of the Utility Helicopters Project Office.

Second UH-60 A-A to L for US Customs, 02-Feb-11 : BEEVILLE, Texas - Sikorsky Aerospace Services (SAS) today delivered the second UH-60 aircraft that has undergone “A-A” to “L” recapitalization for use by the U.S. Customs & Border Protection Agency (CBP). Distinguished as the fifth helicopter off the original BLACK HAWK helicopter production line, this fully upgraded UH-60L model will execute national security missions mandated by the CBP. Nicknamed “718” from the last three digits of its identification number, the rebirth of this more than 30-year-old aircraft marks the second U.S. Army recapitalization upgrade performed at SAS’s Military Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facility. SAS is the aftermarket business of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.

Army delivers state-of-art helicopter to patrol border, 19-Aug-09 : REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala - By AMRDEC Public Affairs Office - With a handshake and the passing of a log book and keys, representatives from the Utility Helicopter Project Office to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency marked the delivery of the first of four UH-60M aircraft that will enter CBP service by July 2010.


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    70-012 uh-60a     7-22718: Oct17 in Puerto Rico for Hurricane relief efforts
US Army Aviation 77-22718: US Army
    uh-60m     N72760: CBP, BuNo 08-27170; first UH-60M d/d Aug09
    uh-60m     N72761: CBP, BuNo 08-27171
    uh-60m     N72763: CBP, BuNo 08-27172
    70-3429 uh-60m     N72764: CBP, BuNo 08-27173
    70-012 uh-60a     77-22718: CBP, conv to L type
US Army Aviation 77-22718: US Army
    70-045 uh-60a     78-22982: CBP
    70-073 uh-60a     78-23010: CBP
    70-114 uh-60a     79-23297: CBP; 25jan10 pictured at Davis-Monthan AFB
    70-116 uh-60a     79-23299: CBP
    70-137 uh-60a     79-23320: CBP, conv to L type
US Army Aviation 79-23320: US Army
    70-138 uh-60a     79-23321: CBP conv to L type
US Army Aviation 79-23321: US Army
    70-161 uh-60a 1979     79-23344: CBP 23344
    70-167 uh-60a     79-23350: CBP; 26oct10 pictured at Davis-Monthan AFB
    70-181 uh-60a     80-23423: CBP
    70-223 uh-60a     80-23465: CBP; 15aug12 pictured at Davis-Monthan AFB
    70-363 uh-60a     82-23670: CBP, white livery
    70-570 uh-60a     82-23747: CBP
    70-1063 uh-60a     86-24548: CBP 24548
    70-1079 uh-60a 1986     86-24558: CBP 24558
    70-1177 uh-60a     87-24641: CBP
    70-1188 uh-60a     87-24648: CBP

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