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    mexico SAEMSA

    Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    760143 s-76a     XA-SRR: SAEMSA, to PP-MBL
    Mexico Government XC-HEC: Mexico, to XA-SRR

    Atlas Taxi Aereo PP-MBL: Atlas, ex XA-SRR
    760144 s-76a     XA-SRS: SAEMSA, to PT-YIM
    Mexico Government XC-HED: Mexico, to XA-SRS

    - PT-YIM:
    760145 s-76a 1981     XA-SRT: SAEMSA, to N105RT
    Mexico Government XC-HEE: Mexico, to XA-SRT

    - N105RT: H P Aviation at Oldsmar, FL from 2001
    760151 s-76a 1981     XA-SRU: SAEMSA, to N176TJ
    Sikorsky Helicopters N5433K: Sikorsky toward XC-HEF

    Mexico Government XC-HEF: Mexico, to XA-SRU

    - N176TJ: CCA Financial Serv Sep/Oct 1997

    Omni Taxi Aereo PT-YSM: Omni taxi aereo
    760162 s-76a     XA-SRV: SAEMSA, to PP-MBC
    Mexico Government XC-HEG: Mexico, to XA-SRV

    Lider Taxi Aereo PP-MBC: Lider Taxi Aereo, ex XA-SRV
    760142 s-76a     XA-SRW: SAEMSA, to PP-MBJ
    Mexico Government XC-FEK: Mexico, to XA-SRW

    Lider Taxi Aereo PP-MBJ: Lider Taxi Aereo, ex XA-SRW

    Emar Taxi Aereo PP-MBJ: Oct14 on sale

    Emar Táxi Aéreo from Nov15
    760094 s-76a     XA-SRX: SAEMSA, to PT-YPM
    Mexico Government XC-FES: Mexico, to XA-SRX

    - PT-YPM: AR Air Taxi Aereo from Mar97; Jun05 canc

    Emar Taxi Aereo PP-MBF: Emar Taxi Aereo from May11
    760091 s-76a     XA-SRY: SAEMSA, to PP-MBA
    Mexico Government XC-FEV: Mexico, to XA-SRY

    Emar Taxi Aereo PP-MBA: Emar Taxi Aereo from Jul12