Bell 204 in honduras Fuerza Aerea Hondureña

Honduras Air Force

Del'd: 16 - 1976 to 1984

Received at least 3 more as spares

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    308 UH-1B     FAH-901: FAH d/d 1976, ex 61-0728
US Army Aviation 61-0728: US Army, to Honduras
    355 UH-1B     FAH-902: FAH d/d 1976, ex 61-0775
US Army Aviation 61-0775: US Army, to Honduras
    416 UH-1B     FAH-903: FAH d/d 1976, ex 62-1896
US Army Aviation 62-1896: US Army, to Honduras
    754 UH-1B     FAH-904: FAH d/d 1978, ex 63-8532
US Army Aviation 63-8532: US Army, to Honduras
    1035 UH-1B     FAH-905: FAH d/d 1978, ex 64-13911; wfu by 2007
US Army Aviation 64-13911: US Army, to Honduras

1965/66 I was a crew chief on this helicopter in Vietna+
    UH-1B     FAH-921: FAH; Preserved as Gate guardian at Toncontin airport
    UH-1B     FAH-922: FAH
    UH-1B     FAH-923: FAH
    UH-1B     FAH-924: FAH
    UH-1B     FAH-925: FAH, w/o 1989
    903 UH-1B     FAH-926: FAH, ex 63-8678
US Army Aviation 63-8678: US Army, to Honduras
    963 UH-1B     FAH-927: FAH, ex 63-7838
US Army Aviation 63-7838: US Army, to Honduras
    900 UH-1B     FAH-929: FAH, ex 63-8675
US Army Aviation 63-8675: US Army, to Honduras
    686 UH-1B     FAH-932: FAH, ex 62-12535
US Army Aviation 62-12535: US Army, to Honduras
    817 UH-1B     FAH-933: FAH, ex 63-8595
US Army Aviation 63-8595: US Army, to Honduras
    1114 UH-1B     FAH-934: FAH, ex 64-13990
US Army Aviation 64-13990: US Army, to Honduras

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