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  • 1968 to 1988

    Production moved to Bell Canada in 1988

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    C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    30711 To Agusta as ab212 c/n 5558
    30709 To Agusta as ab212 c/n 5557
    30679 to Agusta as AB.212 c/n 5553
    UAE Government P-553: ?
    30677     -: conv to AB212 c/n 5552
    35101 1996     35101: Bell Helicopter Aug96-Feb02, to Colombia as ?
    31109 1980     N1082G: Bell
    VIH Cougar N212TH: Cougar Aviation Llc at Fresno, CA Jul03; VIH Group ?
    30550 1972     N14845: Bell Helicopter Sep72
    British Airways Helicopters G-BAFN: BAH Oct72-Sep83; pictured (pic1) at North Denes, Great+

    pictured (pic2) at North Denes

    National Safety Council of Australia VH-NSA: NSCA

    Lloyd Helicopters VH-NSA: Lloyd Australia, noted Aug94

    - VH-NSA: w/o 02jun04 East Timor
    30850 1977     N16735: Bell
    - N381RD: Bird Forrest M Trustee at Sandpoint, ID Jun04

    Homant Kristine Trustee at Leawood, KS Feb17-Mar19

    Northwest Helicopters N381RD: NWH Turbines Llc at Olympia, WA Mar/Nov 2019

    - N381RD: Red Rains Aviation Llc at Odessa, TX from Nov19
    30819 1977     N16787: Bell
    Okanagan Helicopters C-FOKV: Okanagan 1985-Nov89; lsd Associated Helicopters Co Ltd +

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-FOKV: Canadian Helicopters at Edmonton, AB Nov89-Dec00; Canad+

    pictured at Cambridge Bay Airport, Nunavut, Canada

    30870 1978     N16931: Bell 1978
    Bristow US N126BH: Bristow Helicopters Inc at West Hartford, CT Jun78-May8+

    Bristow G-BIXV: Bristow May81-Aug09

    - N212BT: Redding Air Service Inc at Redding, CA from Aug09; Feb1+
    30615 1974     N18090: Bell, to VR-BEZ
    Bristow Bermuda VR-BEZ: Bristow Bermuda to EP-HBX

    Bristow Helicopters Iran EP-HBX: Bristow Iran, rtn to VR-BEZ

    Bristow Australia VH-BEE: Mayne-Bristow Helicopters Australia, noted 1986

    Bristow G-BTYA: Bristow Helicopters Oct91-Jun92

    Bristow Caribbean 9Y-TIF: Bristow Carribean, ~2005 to HK-4428X

    - HK-4428X: Colombia, rtn to 9Y-TIF

    Eagle Copters C-GAZX: Eagle Copters Feb/Nov 2010

    Servicios Aereos De Los Andes OB-1965-P: Servicio Aereo de los Andes, lsd Eagle Copters

    Eagle Copters Chile CC-ATY: Eagle Copters Chile, for Calquin

    Calquin CC-ATY: Calquin / Pegasus (FAASA), lsd Eagle Copters

    w/o 27jan21 during firefighting at Lo Conti, op by Calq+
    30715 1975     N18090: Manufacturer test serial (re-used); to UK
    British Executive Air Services G-BDIL: reg Aug 1975 to BEAS. sold to USA by Nov 1979.

    Bristow US N8064Z: ex- G-BDIL; to Bristow Dec 1979. sold to UK Nov 1980.

    Bristow G-BDIL: ex N8064Z (also Bristow owned). Reg G-BDIL in Dec 1980.

    14 Sep 1982 disintegrated following impact with the sea+
    31200 1981     N18093: Bell 1981
    Bristow G-BJIU: Bristow 1981-1988

    Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AOF: Bristow Nigeria 1988-2007

    Infocam EC-KCS: Infocam from Jun07
    30502 1970     N2227W: pictured at Toronto International Airport with a provisional+
    - N2227W: Arizona Helicopters Inc at Scottsdale, AZ, canc Aug74

    Indonesian Aerospace PK-DBY: IPTN, to PK-HMB

    - PK-HMB: to C-FYWV

    Bell Helicopter Canada C-FYWV: 416544 Alberta Ltd at Airdrie, AB from Nov17
    30998 1980     N2768P: Bell
    - N701H: USA, to N911VR

    State of California N911VR: Fresno, CA from Jun93; Mar20 still
    31106     N27805: Bell
    PHI Inc N226PH: Phi Inc at Lafayette, LA 1994-2019

    PHI Inc N226FH: PHI Aviation Sep/Dec 2019

    - N226FH: Kenmore Crew Leasing Inc Trustee at Bellingham, WA from+
    31280 1986     N3212D: Bell Helicopters, to Thailand
    Royal Thai Army 31280: Thai Army, to HS-RFD

    Thailand Government HS-RFD: 19dec05-13dec07 HRH Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn

    Great Slave Helicopters C-FTZW: Great Slave Helicopters Apr/Jun 2008

    - C-FTZW: J and L Leasing Inc at Calgary, Alberta Jun/Aug 2008

    Helicorp Pty Ltd VH-JJR: Helicorp Australia from 29aug08

    Toll Group VH-JJR: Toll Group in Australia, noted Oct13. Appears to be for+

    - VH-JJR: Heli-Serv Pty Ltd nov13

    pictured (pic2) on display at the 2015 International A+

    Professional Helicopter Services VH-JJR: Professional Helicopter Services Pty Ltd Oct16

    Microflite VH-JJR: Microflite Pty Ltd Jul18
    31172 1981     N3897D: Bell
    Alpine Helicopters C-FNOB: Alpine Helicopters Ltd Jan92-May00

    - N213KA: Wells Fargo Bank Northwest Na Trustee at Salt Lake City+


    Alpine Helicopters N213KA: Delaware Trust Company Trustee at Wilmington, DE from S+

    30963 1980     N412BH: 412 Bell Helicopters; conv to Bell 412 prototype; canc 2006
    30954 1980     N412BX: 412 Bell Helicopters; conv to Bell 412 prototype; w/o 2001?
    30933 1979     N5017Q: Bell Helicopter, to XA-IUX
    Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-IUX: ASESA, to N212EA

    State of Tennessee N42EA: Edwards Assoc at Bristol, TN 1993. also N212EA

    Edwards and Assoc at Bristol, TN May/Jun 1993

    - D-HELL: Meditrans Munchen Feb92-May93

    Alpine Helicopters C-FAHP: Alpine Helicopters Jun93-Mar13, pictured (pic1)

    baed at Kelowna

    - P2-HCT: Papua New Guinea 2013

    - : Aug14-Aug15 for sale 1980 Bell 212HP VFR, pictured (pic+

    Alpine Helicopters C-FGCO: Alpine Helicopters Sep14-Jan16

    Yellowhead Helicopters C-GYHQ: Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd at Valemount, BC from Jan16

    w/o crashed near Evansburg during firefighting wildfire+
    30577 1973     N58027: Bell, to N18090
    Bristow G-BBBP: Bristow Jun73-Jan81

    pictured at North Denes heliport

    late 1970s, based offshore on the sedco 704. It had its+

    Bristow Masayu Helicopters PK-HCJ: Bristow Indonesia from 1981; w/o 17jun88 Gurun Panjang
    30578 1973     N58120: May82 to Canada
    Viking Helicopters C-GFQP: Viking Helicopters at Les Cedres, QC Apr88-Jun90

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GFQP: Canadian Helicopters 1995

    pictured at Mazar, afghanistan
    35061     N61802: Bell, test serial C-FOLQ
    - N749H: May93

    - N249H: Hudson Flight Limited Llc at Pampa, TX Mar11-Mar12

    State of Oregon N249H: Vertol Systems Co Inc at Portland, OR from Mar12
    35096 1996     N6276N: Bell, test serial C-GLZU
    Saudi Aramco N701H: Aramco Assoc Co at Pampa, TX

    - N701H: Hudson Flight Ltd at Pampa, TX Aug10-Mar11

    - N703H: Hudson Flight Ltd at Pampa, TX from Mar11
    35002     N65504: Bell 1990-2000, to Thailand
    Royal Thai Army 35002: ex N65504
    31108 1992     N700EA: Bell Dec92-Jan93
    Aeroservicios Especializados  SA XA-KEV: ASESA ntu

    Guatemalan Air Force 108: FAG 1993

    in hangar undergoing annual maintenance
    30514 1971     N7103J: 1971-1977
    Bolivian Air Force FAB-101: FAB, ex N7103J, to Brunei

    Royal Brunei Air Force AMDB-101: Royal Brunei Air Force
    30518     N7970J: Bell, canc
    30716 1975     N8015X: Bell, test serial C-GBHL
    - C-GQZZ: Canada, to N2989F

    - C-GZRC: Liftair International 1985 Ltd at Calgary, AB Jun88-May+

    - N2989F: USA May91

    Frontier Helicopters C-GFRS: Frontier Helicopters Ltd at Abbotsford, BC May/Aug 1991

    - C-GFRS: Conair Aviation Ltd at Abbotsford, BC Dec91-Jun92

    - I-ZCMA: Italy unk Aug91-Oct94; at Bournemouth, UK, all yellow +

    Canadian Helicopters Ltd C-GFRS: Canadian Helicopters at St. Johns, NL Oct94-Mar95

    - C-GFRS: Conair Aviation Ltd at Abbotsford, BC Mar95-Aug01; wfu +

    - N9122Z: Inter-mountain Helicopter Inc at Sonora, CA from Aug01;+