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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1990/98Wiltshire PoliceDevizes
1989/??WYP Carr Gate

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

S-321 105cb-2 1977     G-BFYA: Police, from Sterling
- D-HJET: 1977 LeBourget, France

Veritair G-BFYA: conv 105DB-2 type; Helicopter Hire Ltd 1982-1986; Verit+

Sterling Helicopters G-BFYA: Sterling Helicopters 1995-2011; to Police; 19mar05 pict+

Sterling Helicopters Jul14-Jun15

UK Air Ambulances G-BFYA: EAAA first helo, replaced by G-EYNL same year

- G-BFYA: Alan Mann Feb11-Jul14 May12 stored

departing by road from Norwich as G-EYNL did a few day+

Wessex Aviation from Jun15

at Biggin hill
S-135 105c 1974     G-PASB: Wiltshire Police and Ambulance 1993, op by Bond; parts use+
Bond Aviation Group G-PASB: BOND Helicopters Nov75-May86, test serial D-HDEC; to Au+

Bond Helicopters Apr93-Aug94

- VH-LSA: Surf Live Saving 1986

UK Air Ambulances G-PASB: Medical Aviation Services Mar89-Apr93
S-421 105dbs-4 1978     G-PASC: Oct 1989, ex G-BNPS, reg to Police Aviation Services at Stav+
MBB D-HDMT: Manufacturer test serial and MBB Demonstrator; to USA a+

- N4929M: ex D-HDMT, to N4929M.

- G-BNPS: Oct 1987, ex N4929M, reg to Helicopters UK Ltd, until S+

UK Air Ambulances G-PASC: Apr 1994, to LNAACT, until 2000. Oct 2001 sold to South+

- ZS-RNC: Oct 2001, ex G-PASC, reg in South Africa as ZS-RNC
S-656 105cbs-2 1984     G-PASD: Police Aviation Services Ltd Oct89-Sep01
MBB D-HDTZ: MBB, to N4572Q

MBB Helicopter Corp N14ES: MBB USA, to UK

- G-BNRS: Helicopters UK Ltd Jul87-Sep89

Berkeley Leisure Group Ltd Sep/Oct 1989

UK Air Ambulances G-PASD: Wiltshire Air Ambulance (WAACT) shared with Police 1990+

- G-WOSY: Redwood Aviation Nov01-Jun03

New Zealand Rescue Helicopters ZK-HSJ: Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST) Aug03-Jan06

- 9M-SAR: Malaysia 2006-2013

- ZK-IKK: Heli 7 Ltd at Tauranga, NZ from Nov14
S-392 105cbs-2 1979     G-SPOL: Clyde Helicopters at Glasgow Heliport -Jan96, for Strathclyd+

- VR-BGV: Bermuda unk 1980-1990

Bond Aviation Group G-SPOL: Bond Helicopters Jan96-Aug99; Strathclyde Police; Bond+

Bond Aviation Group G-TVAM: Bond Air Services Jun03-Jan11

UK Air Ambulances G-TVAM: Thames Valley and TVACAA Air Ambulance (TVACAA), lsd Bo+

South Georgia Heritage Trust G-TVAM: South Georgia Heritage Trust Jan11-Mar18

- ?: South Africa unk from Mar18
S-815 105dbs-4 1989     G-WYPA: West Yorkshire Police 1989-2001, test serial D-HDZY
Specialist Aviation Services G-WYPA: SAS 2001-2012

UK Air Ambulances G-WYPA: Pride of Cumbria 2001-2003, pictured

Specialist Aviation Services G-WYPA: Police Aviation Services Ltd from 2003