Hiller 360
united kingdom Bristow

1961 to 1979

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166 UH-12A     G-AMDN: to Bristow by Jul 1961
- N8166H: to UK as G-AMDN

- G-AMDN: Reg Oct 1950 to Pest Control at Bourn

Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd G-AMDN: to Airwork, Redhill Nov 1955

- G-AMDN: to Thornicombe storage during
686 uh-12b 1954     G-APJN: Reg to Bristow Jul 1961; sold Aug 1979
- N38772: to USA as N38772; reg cancelled by FAA Apr 2011.

- HB-XAH: to Air Import, Switzerland Nov 1954

Landed on the Jungfraujoch (with some parts removed to +

to Heliswiss Feb 1957

Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd G-APJN: Reg Dec 1957 to Airwork

- G-APJN: to Thornicombe storage during
1037 UH-12C 1958     G-APMR: Bristow from 19Jul61 until 11Jul79
Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd G-APMR: 4Jun58 based at Redhill EGKR with Airwork (Helicopters)+

- G-APMR: noted at Redhill EGKR
1038 UH-12C 1958     G-APMS: 19Jun61 Bristows at Rehill EGKR until 30Sep62 temp to USA
- N8778C: Manufacturer test serial; to UK

Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd G-APMS: 4Jun58 to Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd, Redhill EGKR until+

- G-APMS: to Thornicombe storage during

Private 19Oct84 rtnd to register, syndicate owner until+
747 uh-12b 1955     G-APSH: reg to Bristow Jul 1961; sold Aug 1979
- N5313V: reg N5313V; to UK

Airwork (Helicopters) Ltd G-APSH: Reg to Airwork at Bourn Apr 1959

- G-APSH: to Thornicombe storage during
2193 uh-12e 1962     G-ARXV: Bristow d/d May62-May63
Bristow Bermuda VR-BCA: Bristow Bermuda May63-Dec64

Bristow Helicopters Nigeria 5N-AGG: Bristow Nigeria Jan65-May67

Bristow Helicopters Iran EP-HAJ: Bristow Iran Aug67-Apr68

- ZS-HCT: South Africa Jan69-Mar76
538 uh-12b 1953     G-ASTM: Bristow Jun64-Aug79, ex XB478 ; to N3877K
Royal Navy XB478: RN d/d 28jun53, ex USN 134728; To G-ASTM Jun64; To N38+

- N3877K: reg Mar83

- N538AC: (ntu ?). to N538AC (registered in michigan).
1045 UH-12C 1961     G-ASTP: acquired by Bristow Helicopters in 1964 for flight training
- N9750C:

- G-ASTP: Private 20Oct80 Reg to Leon Goddard, Blandford, Dorset +

Acquired by The Helicopter Museum in
542 uh-12b 1953     G-ASTR: Bristow Aug64-Aug79, ex XB513; to USA
Royal Navy XB513: ex USN 134732. d/d 13 Aug 1953 to RN. To G-ASTR. Certif+

- N3877F: reg Mar83
536 uh-12b 1953     G-ASVI: ex XB476; reg G-ASVI Aug 1964
Royal Navy XB476: ex USN 134726. d/d 28 Jun 1953 to RN; to G-ASVI

- G-ASVI: to Thornicombe storage during

to Thornicombe storage during

- N3877E: ex G-ASVI; reg as N3877E Feb 1983, de-reg Feb 1989.

- RP-C786: ex N3877E; to RP-C786.
537 uh-12b 1953     G-ASVJ: Bristow d/d Aug64, ex XB477; w/o 04aug66
Royal Navy XB477: ex USN 134727. d/d 28 Jun 1953 to RN. To G-ASVJ w/o 4 A+
539 uh-12b 1953     G-ASVK: Bristow Aug64-Aug79, ex XB479 ; to USA
- N539DC: ex N38768; to N539DC

Royal Navy XB479: ex USN 134729. d/d 20 Aug 1953 to RN, 706Sq Sep 19+

- G-ASVK: to Thornicombe storage during

- N38768: ex G-ASVK; to N38768 Feb 1983
541 uh-12b 1953     G-ASVL: Bristow Aug64-Aug79, ex XB481; to USA
Royal Navy XB481: ex USN 134731. d/d 21 Jul 1953 to RN. To G-ASVL. To N38+

- G-ASVL: to Thornicombe storage during

- N3877A: To N3877A Feb 1983, (registered in Alaska).
2030 uh-12e 1959     G-ATDW: Reg May 1965 to Bristow; Cancelled Aug 1968 on export to New+
- ZK-HCQ: Aug 1968 to Alexander Helicopters Ltd., Wanganui; vario+

Restored from several sources (composite) to skeletal +
496 uh-12b 1952     G-ATKG: Bristow Oct65-Aug79; Redhill trainer military
Royal Thai Police 103: Thai Police 1952-1965

- G-ATKG: displayed in garden of Bickford Arms, Brandis Corner, n+

Not displayed in Holsworthy. Was at Eshott aerodrome th+
497 uh-12b 1953     G-ATZB: Bristow Sep66-Aug79
Royal Thai Police 102: Thai Police 1953-1966

- N38763: private at Saint Petersburg, FL; Oct14 expired

- G-ATZB: to Thornicombe storage during
2114 uh-12e 1961     G-AZSV: Reg Apr 1972 to Bristow at Redhill
management aviation ltd. G-AZSV: to Management Aviaition by Jun 1972; Used for spares re+

- G-AZSV: to Shawline Helicopters at Brands Hatch by Aug 1977; de+