Sikorsky S-76
brazil Emar Taxi Aereo

2003 to present

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760057 s-76a 1980     PP-MAH: Emar Taxi Aereo from Jul13
Bristow G-BHRT: Bristow Apr/Aug 1980, test serial N1546P

Bristow Malaysia 9M-AXW: Bristow Malaysia

Malaysian Helicopter Sevices Aviation Berhad 9M-AXW: MHS, to PT-YOM

- PT-YOM: Ar Air Taxi Aereo Brazil from May96, lsd from MHS
760091 s-76a     PP-MBA: Emar Taxi Aereo from Jul12
Mexico Government XC-FEV: Mexico, to XA-SRY

Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA XA-SRY: SAEMSA, to PP-MBA
760094 s-76a     PP-MBF: Emar Taxi Aereo from May11
Mexico Government XC-FES: Mexico, to XA-SRX

Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA XA-SRX: SAEMSA, to PT-YPM

- PT-YPM: AR Air Taxi Aereo from Mar97; Jun05 canc
760142 s-76a     PP-MBJ: Oct14 on sale
Mexico Government XC-FEK: Mexico, to XA-SRW

Servicios Aereos Especiales Mexicanos SA XA-SRW: SAEMSA, to PP-MBJ

Lider Taxi Aereo PP-MBJ: Lider Taxi Aereo, ex XA-SRW
760206 s-76a     PT-HRE: Emar Taxi Aereo from Jun12
- N3123F: 1983-2006

Lider Taxi Aereo PT-HRE: Lider Taxi Aereo 2006-2012
760220 s-76a     PT-YDL: Emar Taxi Aereo from Nov15
- N900TR: First Security Bank NA Trustee at Salt Lake City, UT Oc+

Lider Taxi Aereo PT-YDL: Lider Taxi Aereo, noted 2012