Aerospatiale sa330 puma in
france Heli-Union

1968 to present

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    1358 sa330j 1976     F-BXOY: Heli Union
- PT-HTY: Brasil lsd, rtn to F-BXOY

Aeromaster HC-BYG: Ecuador 1998/1999

Helivia Aero Taxi PP-MBG: Helivia Taxi Aereo, Brazil 1999/2003

roberts aircraft company N605R: Roberts Aircraft at Cheyenne, WY 2004-2008

EP Aviation N605R: EP Aviation from Nov08

pictured (top) as /P5 in Afghanistan, date unk accident

United States Naval Aviation N605R: 19jul15 pictured (bot) under contract of US Military Se+
    1487 sa330j     F-GBDI: Heli Union w/o 11May79
    1301 sa330g 1975     F-GBET: HeliUnion; conv SA.330J, ex N330RM,C-GUMP,PT-HPW
Sealand Helicopters C-GSLA: Sealand Helicopters 1980/82

Eurocopter France F-WQEC: Eurocopter 2000; fate unk
    1407 sa330j     F-GBLS: Heli Union; also reg HC-BNP, PT-HUB
Vietnam Helicopter Company VN-8607: SSFC? 1989-2005

Helisureste F-GJON: from Jul05; Helisureste
    1307 sa330j     F-GBTF: Heli Union, to PT-HPT
Aerospatiale F-WTNS: Aerospatiale SA330G, to LN-ORC

- LN-ORC: Norway, Offshore, to F-ODEF

. F-ODEF: France, to F-GBTF

. PT-HPT: Brazil, rtn to F-GBTF

. PT-HSM: Brazil, rtn to F-GBTF

. HC-BNP: Ecuador, rtn to F-GBTF

. HC-BPJ: Ecuador, rtn to F-GBTF

Helivia Aero Taxi PR-CDC: HELIVIA Aero Taxi Brazil from 2006, to F-WQVT

Eurocopter France F-WQVT: Eurocopter France, to EC-JRO

Helicsa EC-JRO: Helicsa Helicopteros, to Helisureste

INAER EC-JRO: Helisureste, to HD.19-08

Spanish Air Force HD.19-08: EdA from 2008

26jul09 pictured at IV Festival Aereo de Gijon (IV Gijo+
    1665 sa330j     F-GDFO: Heli-Union
    1309 sa330j 1977     F-GEHU: Heli Union from Jan1998
    1590 sa330j 1978     F-GEQI: Heli Union, Oct87
Helivia Aero Taxi PT-YAW: Helivia Aero Taxi

- PT-YAW: scr; 2005 used as i/a for fire training at Brie-Champni+

13may15 still at Brie-Champniers
    1583 sa330j     F-GHYR: Heli Union from sep1993 to ? ex I-EHPJ toward LX-HUL
    F-GINQ: Heli Union from mar2002 to nov2005 ex LX-HUL toward EC-JLK
Aerospatiale F-WXFM: Aerospatiale toward PH-SSB

schreiner airways PH-SSB: Schreiner from 1979 to mar1981 ex F-WXFM to PK-TRF

- PK-TRF: from mar1981 to sep1982 ex PH-SSB to PH-SSB

schreiner airways PH-SSB: Scheiner from sep1982 to 1986 ex PK-TRF to new owner Ja+

Jayrow Helicopters Pty PH-SSB: Jayrow Offshore in 1986 ex Schreiner toward Scheiner

schreiner airways PH-SSB: Scheiner from 1986 to mar1988 ex owner Jayrow toward I-+

Elitos I-EHPJ: Elitos, mar88-sep93, noted 1991

- LX-HUL: from ? to ? ex F-GHYR to PT-HAA

- PT-HAA: Helitrans Taxi Aero Ltda, Brazil, noted 1996

- LX-HUL: from ? to mar2002 ex PT-HAA toward F-GINQ

Heli-Europe EC-JLK: Heli Europa from nov2005 to dec2008 ex F-GINQ toward HD+

INAER EC-JLK: INAER for Xunta de Galicia

Spanish Air Force HD.19-09: d/d 2008 ex EC-JLK
    1571 sa330j 1978     F-GONB: Heli Union from 2002
    1377 sa330g     F-ODFM: Heli Union d/d March 1977; w/o 21may77
    1395 sa330j     F-ODHX: Heli Union 1978-1980; to PT-HJE
- PT-HJE: Heli Union; Cruzeiro do Sul Taxi Aereo; ex F-ODHX; to P+

- PT-HTM: Heliavia; w/o 27oct87

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